Most Commented Post of 2013


Happy New Year's Eve!! A fun wrap up for you today..... Commenting on a blog post is rare these days….most folks like to pin/tweet/or share the post if they like it….which is all fine and good with me. But I have noticed that if a post is actually commented on…a bunch…it must have made a bigger impact. So, I thought it would be fun to round up … [Read more...]

DIY Pearl Hardware (DIY drawer pull) plus a Fall Giveaway!!


Hey all! Happy Friday! A few things to chat about today… I showed you the table that I redid last week….the hardware needed to be replaced but I couldn’t find anything that was delicate enough. I really wanted to use these pearls…so I had to figure out how to attach them. Obviously I don’t think this '”hardware” would work in a kitchen or … [Read more...]

How to paint prefinished hardwood floors: REVEAL


Hi all! Made it to Friday! I hope you have enjoyed this series about painting hardwood flooring. We have lived with these floors for a couple of weeks now...and everyday we love them more. I have on order a rug to use in the coffee bar area...but I wanted to show you the big reveal this week...since it is floor week and … [Read more...]

Top Hits Revisited: DIY Refinishing Stairs


Back in the day….3 years ago or so…I had read an article online. This girl Sarah….had refinished her stairs…all by herself. I read the “article” about 5 times. Not realizing that I was reading a blog post…that would change everything. I had been a DIYer my whole life….but I wasn’t documenting it. Sarah introduced me to this amazing new world that … [Read more...]

Office/Craft Room Reveal


It is kind of like giving birth….taking a room from blah to ahhhhh….that is the only way to describe it. It is always a process writing a post like this. Recalling all the things I have already shared…and trying to remember what I haven’t shared. Bare with me ;) I will be talking about this space for many weeks to come….but I wanted to reward you … [Read more...]

What did I do this year? (best of 2012)


In case you missed it the first time around….here are some popular post from 2012. Hey, thanks for reading yall ;) I’m glad you are enjoying this blog as much as I am. Here’s to 2013! (you can click on the light blue words to take you to that post…if you want to read more:) In January, we took a small pantry out And made Bacon pops … [Read more...]

DIY pipe bed (boys room furniture)


I originally felt a little silly getting rid of such a nice sleigh bed in my son’s old bedroom. But it was taking up a lot of space and it wasn’t what he wanted for his room…and I wanted this space to reflect him. I ended up researching some beds I could make. I wanted it to look industrial, not take up much room, and be affordable to put together. … [Read more...]

DIY light fixture (do it yourself light)


Thanks for the sweet comments on my Preteen boys room. It is such a fun space to be in. One of my favorite projects from this space is this DIY light fixture. I ended up making two and flanking the bed with them. They are hip, unique and so stylish….something you would find in a high end catalog…but for a ton less. Why waste your money when you can … [Read more...]

Preteen Boys room REVEAL: Gray, Orange, Blue (decorating boys room)


It is hard to believe….my bear is in 7th grade this year. He is turning into such a kind and funny young man. I was thrilled to work on his room with him this summer. We made it into a space that is creative and fun…but at the same time peaceful and “chill” as he would say. I have a lot of projects to share with you from this space….here are some … [Read more...]

Top post of all time: Best of CleverlyInspired


Cleverly Inspired is turning 2 soon!!! Over 576 blog post! Wow! Crazy to think about that!! I know that many of you are new readers so I thought it would be a good time to go back and look at some of the “greatest hits” of CleverlyInspired. These are the post that have received the most views (20 and 21 were tied…so I included both ) Still…to this … [Read more...]

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