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Easy Trim project for basement (DIY Trim)

Hi all! I know that you have been following along on instagram (see the top on my instagram for the entire story of the basement update, it is on the highlight section.) I wanted to share with you here as well. I know that many still like to “pin” all the projects:) I have been going real old school lately and actually getting inspiration from magazines again! I know, archaic! Do you think that we will ever go back to just reading books and magazines?? I kind of hope so. As much as I love my phone, I feel so tied to it at times….I often think it would be kind of nice for the internet to break down for a few weeks. Can you imagine?? It would be kind of liberating!

DIY Flower Arrangements on a dime (DIY Fall table)
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DIY Flower Arrangements on a dime (DIY Fall table)

Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend and start of December. I shared some of these photos a few weeks back on instagram but I wanted to pop in and share them on the blog too. I created some lovely DIY flower arrangements with just a few items from my local grocery store. These came together really quick and much easier than I thought they would. I thought that you may like a few of these tips in you were planning to decorate for any holiday parties.

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