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New Meal Monday will start back up in January…too many Christmas projects to share =)

Recently found about 5 candlesticks at a garage sale…lady says–all of them for $1….I can’t resist. They were brass and dated—but I thought I can always paint them. Go to Goodwill…see about 5 more tall brass candlesticks—similar in shape to the ones I already have—so I take them. They were $1 each.

This cycle continues…

I ended up with 19…I know…I may have issues…but I admit it—so it’s not a problem, right?!?!
19 candlesticks for $10….not bad at all.

So I clean them up a bit and spray a coat of white primer on them….

I know…better already right?!?!
I painted them a gloss white….placed them on a mirror (the cheap door mirror you can find at target or walmart). I flocked the mirror with fake snow first. I let that dry and placed it on the table. Placed the candlesticks and sprinkled some fake snow flakes around…
What do you think???!?! Not bad for some tossed out candlesticks, am I right?!?!

They are singing again!

So festive and fun! I love how warm it looks!
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  1. I had been wondering what to do with those brass candlesticks at GW. They had lots of them too. Your table looks great with your very clever and thrifty center piece. Great job!

  2. Adorable. I love your idea. Hey Toocutedobs, what's GW?

  3. GW is Goodwill! Love the idea and so simply, beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cindy @ LeChaiseParfait

    Love this idea, I have a bunch of brass I was getting ready to polish. No thanks this would be much more fun. Thanks for the idea

  5. Tracie! I love this! Your table is so pretty ;) I used to have one of those graduated sets of rid of them years ago to GW! Darn! Merry Christmas!

  6. I love it!!! Really makes a wonderful effect on the table.

  7. Wow! That is pretty amazing!! And totally lovin your blog. :) Going to add you to my blog list so I won't miss any of your posts. You should add this to my link party today. I know my readers would go bananas over this. Just beautiful. :)

  8. LOVE this idea!

  9. Yes – it looks really good. I have a bunch of old candle holders that used to be my mom's. There is a really nice old brass patina, but alas, not exactly the decorating color of choice these days. So I've unfortunately not done anything with them. Was thinking about converting the finish to a silvery color – there is something sort of like Brasso that will accomplish that, I've heard.

    Anyway, your candle centerpiece is just lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love this idea and have been enjoying your blog!


  11. Very beautiful! Love this look.

  12. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition

    looks great!! come link up at my party on Tuesdays! – Mandy,

  13. So creative as always! Fits beautifully in your home!

  14. Madigan at madiganmade

    Just beautiful! Love the impact of them all together and one color.

  15. Awesome! A friend and I were in charge of a banquet and found 96 brass candlesticks. Now I know what to do with mine!

  16. Ann @ makethebestofthings

    You had me at the first pic of clustered candlesticks and your final photo does not disappoint. LOVE this look, you did a great job. It looks so upscale and stylish and bright. Kudos!

  17. There is nothing like the soft glow of a candle let alone 19! Looks great!

  18. I love it!! It really makes the room! I just started a link party on Wednesdays and would love for you to share this!

  19. WOW!!!! All I have to say is that I n the look out for a bunch of brass candle sticks! Gorgeous. Thank you for linking up today. It made my day.I am going to feature this tomorrow!

  20. Tracie, this is awesome, and I can so see myself starting an obbsession, like that too. So easy, when the price is right, he he. That is one BEAUTIFUL centerpiece. Love it.

    I host a weekly party **Amaze me AUgust**, and a special Christmas one **6 weeks 2 JINGLE**, would you be a sweety and come join, this is too cool to not have on my blog, lol.

    I am your newest follower girl, you got some great stuff on here.


    Bella :)

  21. the cape on the corner

    looks fantastic, especially lit! i have a few sticks-not 19, tho!-that i am using in my dining room for the season as well. i always think about spray painting them, and hope they turn out as good as yours!

  22. You need a candlestick intervention! Really, though. These are beautiful! Thanks for linking up!

  23. Very pretty…..and so simple to do.

  24. How GORGEOUS! love this idea, totaly thrifty and totally WOW! way TO GO! jen

  25. So very beautiful…Just lovely. The glow and the style if fabulous. You did a great job. I love my candlesticks – I always buy them…I need to do this!

  26. You have been featured at CraftOmaniac THANKS SO MUCH! Jen

  27. What a beautiful display. I LOVE candles. It is such a simple way to change the atmosphere.


  28. so pretty! good luck with your entry!

  29. Nike@ChooseToThrive


    Oh. my. heck. I saw these on Thrifty Decor Chick and had to come see. This turned out amazing! I'm adding this project to my you-gotta-do-this list for fall and Christmas.

  30. This looks so great! I have a bunch of candlesticks too.. I'm now inspired! Glad I found you via TDC! I'm a new follower!

  31. That looks magical. Love it!

  32. Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments

    The lighting the candles give off looks so beautiful. They give off a magical gold glow. Thanks for linking up.

  33. Lovely shots of the candles at night! So pretty.

    Best wishes,

  34. What a good idea! It looks so warm and inviting!


  36. […] candlesticks can be seen here in another post I did about refinishing them for my dining room table. I thought the white candles would look very “colonial” next to the fresh […]

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