This project started out as just a “space for Bill to do a little work from home”…turned into meaning a whole lot more. When the peanut moved from her old room (which is now the office) into the guest room….it made for a few changes. We moved her into the guest space and decorated it to suit her. (here is that post) and within about a week…Bill had staked claims on her old room. “I need a place to do some work from home…” and I agreed. He is one of the hardest working hubby’s I know…he is up at 5:30am…every day. He works 6 days a week. This space has turned into so much more than an office. It is truly a retreat for him. I am thrilled with how it came out. His personality is throughout…full of character and genuine finds…just like him ;)office reveal post

Above you can recall what we started with….a bunch of pink and green…and a huge mess! I walked you through how I repaired the walls . That was super fun…or not….Then we had some gorgeous new maple wood floors laid. Yum! This floor makes such a statement here….we love them!

2012-05-21 002

The desk we created out of an old barn door and railing parts is really the focal point of this space. The thrift store chair makes it complete. When you to walk into this space….you have a real clear sense of who Bill is…loves peanuts, and long boat rides, Chicago, baseball (Reds and Cub’s..)…a hearty drink after a long day, sunset cruises and beach vacations…and his love for family. He is so deserving of this little retreat and I am so happy that is came together like it did.


Many items in this space came from antique malls…including the wing chair. A steal at $70 (the upholstery is brand new) The ottoman was $10 at a peddlers mall.


An old rusty tool box is a nod to his work in road construction (his family business is road paving…) Along with a vessel filled with rope (here is that post)…the table is from a local peddlers mall. It was already refinished this blue color…love it!



A collection of sea glass vases (Home goods) along with some drift wood and old books create an interesting corner. The large piece of rock coral was something we brought home from our honeymoon in Mexico. I think it is important to use items in a space that have real meaning–even it if is just a rock…it reminds both of us of our wedding ;)DSC_0078


A vintage peanut container makes a great place to hold paper clips. An old desk tray, glass milk jar and wooden box were all found at antique malls and they all serve a purpose to keep organized.


The gallery wall was really fun to put together. I will be doing a post soon on some tips and tricks for you to create your own. The photographs on the adjoining wall are pictures that I have taken…one is the lake…and the other is a picture of Wrigley. (PS….I have since turned the horseshoes the other direction….apparently they should be hung in the “u” shape…to “catch good luck…instead of pour it out”….now I know. I love it when my readers teach me something…I am a Yankee ya know ;)



I find myself using this room too! It is so peaceful and it gets the best light! I have office envy!!

The paint on the wall is Ben Moore Decorator White

The ceiling is Breathe of Blue by Valspar

Desk Post

Rope in vase

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  1. What a fabulous space, it turned out wonderful. I am sure he really enjoys his time in there. Such a fantastic retreat. Hugs, Marty

  2. Wow!!! I love it! You did a great job and I’m sure your husband appreciates his new space. I love all of it, but I think what hits me most are the floors, the desk & chair and the blinds. :)))

  3. Trac,
    This space looks awesome. It came together so well. I love how there is so much with meaning in the room but it doesn’t look cluttered with stuff.
    Love it!

  4. It’s beautiful, Tracie! That gorgeous desk and those floors are my favorite parts:) So pretty!

  5. my noodle caboodle

    Beautiful, serene, and very posh!! I grew up in Texas, so seeing the equine additions remind me of home. I’ve seen tons of horseshoes hanging in many places, but I’ve always seen them hanging like a ‘U’. This is to catch good luck, otherwise, your luck pours out! I’m not superstitious, but I like the idea of it and wanted to share it. Enjoy your fabulous space!

  6. Wow your new office is so inviting an airy and bright. But I would only correct one thing. When hanging horseshoes, you are suppose to hang them the other way so all your luck doesn’t fall out….an old wives tale/or superstition.

  7. I love the blinds, where are they from?

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  9. Wow, great work! What a sophisticated change! Thanks for linking up and feel free to share the contest with your readers.

  10. This room is beautiful! I’d love to sit and work in here. thanks for sharing

  11. Simply fabulous. This looks like a room taken from Pottery Barn; only better because it has so much personality! I enjoyed looking at every single detail, thank you for an awesome post!!!

  12. […] not purple….just a nice gray. Perfect. The ceiling is Breath of Blue…same color I used in the office (because I had almost a full gallon :) The trim has all been repainted with a coat of White Umber […]

  13. Tracie- Can you tell me if your room is a north facing room? Trying to find a good white for mine that looks almost exactly like yours and love the look… Thanks!

  14. […] since we turned the bedroom into an office for my hubs…we have been without a proper guest room. This isn’t a huge deal…we don’t have […]

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