Hi all! Made it to Friday! I hope you have enjoyed this series about painting hardwood flooring. We have lived with these floors for a couple of weeks now…and everyday we love them more. I have on order a rug to use in the coffee bar area…but I wanted to show you the big reveal this week…since it is floor week and all….:)

how to paint prefinished hardwood floors reveal @cleverlyinspired (10)


You have been through the prepping, the painting…and now the big reveal! Here are my fabulous newly painted hardwood floors…and a breakdown on what my cost where…

how to paint prefinished hardwood floors reveal @cleverlyinspired (3)

To refresh your memory….The color of the floor is Ben Moore Halo (colormatched at Porter Paint Breakthrough product). I talked in depth about how I created this floor on the previous 2 post so be sure you look back and see them if you are just catching this series.

Can you even get over this before and after???….holy cow….

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This area by our backdoor was really worn out. It is so fresh and clean now….it feels like a new kitchen…

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The hallway fills with light bouncing everywhere….I have a new area rug coming soon for the coffee bar space.

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So….what did this project cost me? Well, it took 18 hours—start to finish…includes prep, paint, clean, drying time, all of it. My materials came in right at $106 (2 new brushes and paint, contractor paper). That’s right….$106 for a brand new floor. BABAM!!! Almost as good as my stair project….

We are so incredibly thrilled with this floor. We took a worn out prefinished hardwood floor and made it new again. This paint is nothing short of amazing. We have lived on it…tried to nick it…nothing…it is a mirror finish. Gorgeous!!how to paint prefinished hardwood floors reveal @cleverlyinspired (4)


I would encourage you to watch the YouTube…and take a look at the previous post to learn more about this project. If you have an questions…please come over and chat on FaceBook, Twitter or email me:)

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Here are the other 2 post about this project…..

how to paint hardwood floor @cleverlyinspired

how to paint hardwood floors 2@cleverlyinspired


What do you think?? If you like…. I hope you share on your favorite social channels;)

Just for the fun of it…..here is the real kitchen before and after….

cleverlyinspired how to paint hardwood floor

Update to this post Oct. 14, 2013

We are still in love with these floors….however there are a few things you need to consider….I would recommend doing 3 coats. We have seen some wear in high “dog” traffic areas. I will most likely be doing a third coat this winter at some point. Another consideration…the color we chose is very light…so it shows a bunch. We don’t mind that really…and the steamer works great for clean up …but if you have more messes on an everyday basis…you may want to consider a color that is a bit darker. Good luck!

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  1. WOW!!! Simply….WOW!!! This is, by far, one of the bravest projects I’ve ever seen anyone take on. It’s a huge commitment to paint hardwood floors. I’m a firm believer in painting wood (furniture/cabinets, etc.) if you don’t like the tone/color. You’re either for it, or you’re against it – as I imagine your dad is – and I am definitely for it. But I’m not sure I’d ever be brave enough to paint the floors in my house, especially in a high traffic area. I absolutely love what you did….I can’t believe how bright the rooms are :) What a difference it made in your kitchen. You should also compare it to the picture of your kitchen before you painted your cabinets….that’d be night & day!! I hope you continue to enjoy your $106 project. THANKS so much for sharing. Again, I love posts like this :)))

    1. Great idea!!! I just added a whole kitchen before and after:) Thanks for your sweet words!

  2. Awesome job, Tracie! Love the new floors! Enjoy.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Tracie! I hope it continues to stand up to all the abuse life will heap on it, without chipping. I also love your Paris ottoman. Did you by any chance order it online? If so, can you post the source? Thanks very much.

  4. It looks amazing! There’s so much light and brightness now! All your hard work certainly paid off.

  5. love it! really a great transformation and i love that you just went for it!

  6. Fabulous job Traci! What a beautiful transformation. Such a bright and fresh home! ;) Bonnie

  7. It looks so good. It’s like you’re living in a magical cottage somewhere. It brightens up the place by a bajillion!! Fantastic!

  8. What an amazing transformation. Your space is so bright and seems so much more open now. Gorgeous!

  9. I’m really curious – are they hard to keep clean? I love the way it looks, but with 4 kids in our house I think it would be so hard to keep clean. I keep a pretty clean house, but those floors are spotless! Our lake cottage has a light maple floor with a distressed/rubbed white finish, and that seems to wear and hide dirt pretty well.

    1. They are holding up great….they do need to be cleaned a bit more often because they are so light. You could chose a darker color though and get the same effect:)

      1. No Primer? Is it ok to use a primer if your floor has dark spots?

        1. Yes….be sure to use a high quality oil based primer:)

  10. I usually squirm at the thought of painted hardwood floors but, this looks absolutely amazing! Wow!

  11. The floors look really great, Tracie! The house we’re buying has a painted wood floor in the entry way but it’s a distressed black and white check and I’m not really feeling it. I’m thinking a glossy solid color might be just the thing for it. Great idea! Where did you buy the paint? Read your previous posts on the process but maybe I missed that info?

    1. Hey there! It is Porter Paint/PPG (the old Pittsburgh paints). If you don’t have one near you …they will ship:)

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