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Latest obsession: DIY $6 Gel Manicure (How to use ImPress Nails)

Latest obsession: DIY $6 Gel Manicure (How to use ImPress Nails)

A beauty blogger, I am not….but I have to tell you how much I love this product. I heard about it from Mallory over at ClassyClutter. She showed on her instastory a few weeks back these nails that you press on, and they stay on, do not get marked up, look amazing for a week…and then you take them off. I was intrigued mainly because I am that person who gets a gel manicure, and then HATES to go back and get it taken off—so I try to do it myself, with the foil and the acetone, and waiting—and I end up crying and cursing all the things after about an hour or trying to take off the gel nail polish. Can. Not. Stand the gel. So, I wanted to try these Impress Nails, they are cheap, come in a ton of colors, no harsh gel light thing, no harmful chemicals and are SOOOOOOO easy to put on and take off. Since I project a lot, and my nails are constantly getting beaten up, I thought it was at least worth a try. I shared this on instagram a few weeks back—yall were intrigued too. I will say, that I didn’t find much info online about the best way to take them off. So I did put a little video together so that you can see how easy it is:) You can find these at most drug stores and Target etc….I have found the most color selection at CVS (in stores they are about $6)

$6 gel manicure Impress Nails

Here is a link:

A few tips for putting them on:

  • clip nails to be a bit short
  • follow the directions and wash hands, and use the cleanser pad prior to placing nails
  • lay out on a piece of paper what nail goes on what finger
  • use the little cuticle tool to push cuticle back, you want to “tuck”the impress nail under that cuticle as much as possible
  • do the thumb nails last
  • press and hold for about 10 seconds

DIY $6 manicure Impress Nails @cleverlyinspired

A few tips for removing the nails

  • Plan on keeping the nails on for about a week
  • Take a q tip and dip in acetone, dot the acetone all around the nail bed
  • pour some acetone in a small dish and dip nails in
  • let acetone go to work for about 3 minutes
  • take a nail file and pry up one side of the impress nail and peel off
  • use a cotton ball with acetone to remove any residue

Watch this little video I made to see how easy!!!!

PSA: I do not get one penny from the Impress Nails folks, I just really love this product. My nails are healthy and strong, I love the colors, I love that I don’t have to wait for my nails to dry, I love that I can do it myself and it takes like 10 minutes….I just love and I wanted you to know about it too:)

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Have a great weekend doing your nails:)

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