12 inch memory foam bed from Wal-Mart: One Unbiased Review

Friday!!! I hope you have been enjoying a little taste of spring…we have loved having the doors and windows opened a few times this week. Hoping it is here to stay! Today…I wanted to share with you a completely unsponsored-just-tellin-you-cause-I-feel-the-need-to post about the time we bought a mattress at Wal-Mart. If you would have told me that I ever would have even considered buying a mattress online from Wal-Mart I would have thought you might have been a little crazy. After extensive research and many conversations with my BFF who had just done a lot of research on buying her mattress… we quickly came to the assumption that there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in buying mattresses…..and you don’t need to overpay for comfort…

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We had a pillow top mattress since we were married in 1996. It was a noisy mattress that was probably great for the first 8 or 10 years but it has been pretty awful in recent years. And you know how you really don’t know how bad off something is until you replace it with something that’s amazing?? You think to yourself “good grief…why oh why did I put up with that crappy mattress for soooooo long!!” So what we came to find out is memory foam (which is basically what the tempurpedic and bed in a box mattresses are) is what we were going to buy. After several reviews and discussions that seemed to be the best choice for Bill and I. I really cannot explain to you how incredible this mattress is….

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We no longer wake up with back aches. We were both waking up several times in the middle of the night….and had a horrible time getting back to sleep….this hasn’t happened since we started sleeping on this bed. We bought the 12 inch memory foam king bed…along with the appropriate frame. It is quiet…is it supportive…it is not hot (which was one of our concerns), it is a dream to sleep on. At nearly half the price of the other memory foam mattresses out there…it is a steal. How long will it last? I don’t know…..but I know this…I would rather buy a new mattress at this price every 5 years than ever sleep on anything else. I NEVER leave reviews for things I buy online….and I left one for this mattress.

It comes in a box about the size of coffee table…..you open the box….slide the mattress out of the casing and immediately place zipper side down on top of the frame (no box spring required.) The mattress starts to expand right away….

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You can sleep on it that evening….but it will take 48 hours to fully come to it’s complete shape (insert your own joke here…. ba da bum.) We noticed it took about 3 nights to “firm” up a bit. The mattress will feel “firm but sinkable” if that makes any sense. Your body heat will allow it to soften just enough in the right spots. When your partner rolls over or gets out of bed….you will feel nothing. It is remarkable. I love this bed. I cannot say it enough. This is not a sponsored post….just need to share my mattress love with you all!

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Since we saved sooooo much on our bed (total bed cost for frame and mattress was just $460 for a KING bed!! Sidenote: ours was on sale when we purchased. Free shipping too. )….I went out searching for the softest sheets in the nation. I found these on Amazon…. (Click on picture below to go to shop:)

These sheets are not cheap….but I promise you…they are like butter soft. They are the nicest sheets we have ever owned….and I will replace them immediately whenever they wear out. Treat yourself…I promise they are so worth it!!!! We had to get new pillows too since we went from a queen to a king. I researched the pillows that received high reviews (which by the way is the same pillow at most high end hotels) The down pillow made by Pacific Coast…..perfect for side,back and tummy sleeping….you can find them on this link below. I found ours at Homegood’s.

We have been fixing up our master a bit…our bed has inspired us! Lots to share soon!! Can I go back to bed now? ;)


walmart 12 inch memory foam bed @cleverlyinspired (5)

Have a great weekend friends!


(affiliate link on Amazon for linens)

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  1. So I have a bed frame that I love, do you think the frame you bought would fit inside a bed frame? Buying the frame you bought would be cheaper than buying a box spring.

    1. I’m confused….so you need a new mattress to go on the frame that you love? Or you need a new frame to go on a mattress that you love?

  2. Ummm… are you serious? I feel like I’m being tricked! That price. THAT PRICE! It’s just craziness, but a craziness I think I’m going to be jumping on in a couple of weeks! We need a new mattress and figured we’d have to spend 1K+ (which I wasn’t looking forward to) so this is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I don’t see the link to the sheets you bought, could you send that to me. Thank you for this post. We need a bed but the way ours upstairs ours we haven’t be able to buy a larger bed but it sounds like we would be able to get this box up the stairs and my husband has trouble with his back as well. Thanks again

    1. Click on the picture and you’ll see:)

      1. Ahhh thanks, I didn’t think of that, lol. I was expecting it at the bottom of the post :).

  4. We’ve needed new mattresses for about a year now, but it’s such a big purchase and returns are not the easiest with most companies. Thanks for your unbiased opinion, it plus the return policy at Walmart helped us to bite the bullet! I ordered it Friday night and it should be here tomorrow. Can’t wait.

    1. Oh yay!!! Enjoy!!! You will love it!

  5. enjoyed post about Walmart mattress. Just looked at a $3k magniflex & then saw your post. What a savings. Is your mattress firm support? Which is what I want and not a sinking foam like tempurpedic. Also would you share where you got your mattress cover. I just love the look of it and I am thinking it is plush? Thanks so much! I admire you and your blog a bunch. Wish I had the skills & talent. Keep it up. Linda in tennessee

    1. Hi there! I would say it is semi firm. I would check with Walmart on the return policy. We love this bed….it came with the quilted cover:) Good luck!

      1. Just thought I would let you know what we decided. I asked a chiropractor in our neighborhood and a friend who is an MD who specilaizes in sleep what they recommended for someone like myself & husband. (Both 56 but very fit/ active)we wanted firm support. They both, independently ; directed us to saavta. It is made in USA and soy/ natural oil , not petroleum based with 2 levels of wrapped coils and foam. We went ahead & ordered one for $899. Know that is a lot more than the Walmart spa sensation but was in our target price. Will let you know what it is like when it arrives. Linda p.s. Love your blog!

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