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Outdoor Summer Station

summer station

“Mom, I’m hungry..” ….”Mom, I’m hot….” , “Mom, I already did my chores…” ahhhhh, the sweet sounds of summer are approaching. We are left with just 2 short weeks in our school year. I can almost taste the freedom (freedom from homework ;) This weekend I decided to do a bit of organizing in the garage. I posted last year about giving this little area a bit of a freshen up with my free changing table I found on the side of the road. Here is that post….

I used the changing table to hold all our summer stuff…here is the lowdown on the Stoll Summer Station….


I printed some super cute tags for the sunscreen, flip flop and goggle containers. I found it on BHG (BHG printable) . You just have to sign up to use the free download. I love a cute tag…don’t you;) The little silver buckets were in my basement..and the white plastic container was in the garage.

summer station DIY

So now when the kids say…I’m off to the pool with a friend….all the things they need are all in the same place. My pool bag has a place to land after a day at the pool. Let’s see how long it stays this organized ;) The idea is that there is a place for everything.


I used simple screw in hooks to hold the buckets and container. When summer is over I can easily take everything down for the next year.



Cute tags always make it look organized. Even if it doesn’t stay that way ;)




I got a bit crazy with the tags and decided to label my paint cans too….yes, I have issues ;) All harmless though!!


How do you stay organized in the summer? Have any great tips? Do tell….

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6 thoughts on “Outdoor Summer Station

  1. Great idea! Everything could be exchanged for winter items when the seasons change.

  2. So adorable!!!! I want to do this bad!

  3. […] used the same template from BHG ( I love this little tag). It is the same tags from the Summer storage project. I just printed out tomatoes and cucumber. I “laminated” them with some packaging tape […]

  4. This looks so cute! What a fun way to organize all your summer stuff.

  5. Very cute! I’d love for you to add it on my link party at: Thanks!

  6. I like that the old baby changing table is up-cycled storage!

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