Rarely do I attend “home parties” and leave thinking “gosh, I don’t know how I got along all these years without that.”….with exception of a few …1. the pampered chef batter bowls are life changing. 2. so is the easy measure cup. 3. and more recently the Norwex enviro-cloth and window cloth. I was invited to a party a few weeks back….I went to see my friends and to share a cocktail. I ordered a few things and left….didn’t really think anymore about it at all. It’s a cloth….awesome.

Until I actually used it. Holy cow this thing works. With just water. The microfiber cloth cleans with just water. No joke. So I put it to a test. Smudges all over my stainless steel fridge. Gone. Finger prints all over my glass door…gone. Dirt and dust all over my bookcase windows…gone. I couldn’t stop looking for surfaces that were smudgy.

It is super hard to photograph glass and mirror….so I attached this little youtube to explain. I am not going to bore you with details and such…this is what you need to know. This cloth will take butter off a window using just water…without any streaks at all. It does the same with stainless steel and mirrors (love to use it on chrome bath fixtures too.) It literally takes me less than half the time to clean. (even if you just buy the window cloth, you are saving yourself a TON of time and money!)

You know I don’t share with you unless I completely and 100% behind the product. This is the real deal. The healthiest, quickest and easiest way to clean. Hands down.

Link is on the sidebar (or just click here)  if you want to order a cloth to see for yourself. I would start with the window/glass cloth or the envirocloth (starter kit is $31)…you will be wowed….at least I was;) Cleaning with water….genius.

If you youtube Norwex you will see a ton of other testimonials…this is one of my favs….


….I am a skeptic most of the time…but this has me convinced. Let me know what you think….I would love to hear your thoughts….

Happy cleaning!!



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  1. I know what you mean. I was skeptical when I first was introduced to Norwex. I am addicted to it now. My niece sells it and I think I’ve become one of her best customers. Was just talking about it an hour or so ago with a neighbour and my mother-in-law. I was telling them that since we started using Norwex products that I can’t remember the last time I was sick. Love love love this product! Glad you found it too ;-)

  2. Which cloth will clean your stainless appliances? Which cloth did you use for dust? Thx!

    1. http://www.norwex.biz/PublicStore/event/508617/AM/product/Basic-Package,891,200.aspx this is what I bought. The purple is glass and stainless. ..blue is counters:)

      1. I ordered the basic package…I am hoping it works! Especially on windows. I just was thinking today as I sprayed the window cleaner and breathed it in…yikes! That this is not good! I need to find a better way. I always order my online products through bloggers since I am one too!!!

        1. You will really love it! Easiest cleaning ever!

    2. I just ordered the basic set to start with. It has a purple window/stainless cloth and a blue enviro cloth (which has the anti-bacteria property)

  3. I started using the Norwex products about a year ago and am still in love with how they work! Enviro cloth and polishing cloth got me started. The other product I love are the Dryer Balls! no more dryer sheets or liquid softener! Have a friend near me that is a consultant and her business has grown by leaps and bounds!

  4. Andy Wise with WMCTV here in Memphis is the BEST !! He does the investigative reports , restaraunt health inspection reports featuring the high scorer each week , as well as the “Andy, Will It Work? ” segments as in the video above. I love you blog!!Thank you fro sharing your tips and tidbits.

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