I have been going through some things lately and came upon some jewelry that needed cleaning. My  mom recently gave me her silver charm bracelet. I remember this bracelet so vividly from my childhood. It was her date night bracelet. She would be all prettied up and this bracelet was fascinating to me. I love it! She was gifted charms at different points in her life…swimming awards, wedding, graduations, babies….they all hold a special meaning. I wanted to clean it up a bit and make it shine again.

silver jewelry cleaner (4)

The formula I used is natural and homemade…and easy! All you need is baking soda, foil and a container of some sort…and boiling water. (I have only tested this on sterling silver…)

silver jewelry cleaner (5)


Crumple up some foil and lay the jewelry on top. Generously sprinkle baking soda. Pour on some boiling water.

Let the bubbles do there stuff! I let it sit for about 2 minutes and poked it with a wooden spoon. You will smell a faint sulfur smell (the aluminum and soda reacting…) Take the jewelry out and rinse off…pat dry. Good as new!!


silver jewelry cleaner (1)

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  1. I had tried this before and was disappointed in how poorly it worked. HOWEVER! Thanks to this post and your photos, I now see what I was doing wrong or misunderstood in the first place, and so now I’m looking forward to trying it again! Thanks, Tracie!

  2. OMG!!! I can’t believe how great this works. I went to Tiffany’s to see if they would clean my bracelet and of course they would for a $40 fee. WHAT!!!! So I tried this. IT LOOKS BRAND NEW! I can’t believe it. Thank you!!!!

  3. […] Here are the instructions from Cleverly Inspired-  https://cleverlyinspired.com/2012/06/cleaning-silver-jewelrythe-easy-way/ […]

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