Dessert is a staple in our house. If you eat your dinner…you get dessert. Simple rules. We don’t like to hold back treats because sometimes when you can’t have something…it makes you want it more. Everything in moderation….just like my Grammie used to say. We all like a yummy treat every now and then..(or every day…whatever) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping is one of those treats that take me back to my childhood. My grammie and mom used COOL WHIP in many desserts. When she was getting ready for her bridge group to come over in the summer…she would let me lick the container clean after she had used what she needed. I would grab a spoon…or strawberries…or a cookie and go at it. Joy! I thought it would be fun to think of an original dessert…that was easy to put together…and something I could make ahead of time.
    I came up with Cookie Shooters…


Here is a quick and simple dessert….you can put together in the morning and surprise the family with it when dinner is done.

I based it on those popular “dessert shooters” that restaurants are serving now. Dessert in a cute little package..LOVE :)

cool whip

All you need is a juice cup…nothing to fancy.

Cut up a favorite cookie. We used some caramel delights.

Pipe in COOL WHIP (Ziploc bag with the corner cut off)

Spoon in some chocolate pudding.

More cookies…

Repeat layers

Drizzle top with chocolate and top with a half of cookie!

Looks so fancy…but it isn’t hard to do!

Keep in fridge until you are ready to serve :)

      Another recipe I recently shared with you that uses COOL WHIP was

Key Lime Pie

    . This dessert was a staple in my mom’s kitchen…and so now it is in mine too.  So easy, so yummy and so refreshing. A perfect springtime and summer treat. The best thing about COOL WHIP is how easy you can make a special dessert in little time. Time savers are always a good thing!


    Isn’t that the best way to end a day…on a happy sweet note?!?! No matter how the day has gone…it is nice to sit down and slow down for a family meal and chat…and share a sweet treat. COOL WHIP makes that easy!
    Here are a couple of my favorites I have found on the web…


via Kraft foods


via source

I think my favorite way to enjoy COOL WHIP is with fruit. It is light and airy—and so refreshing…a perfect summer time treat.


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  1. Looks yummy to me. My kids would love that and my man would love the pie. Yay for CoolWhip. :)

  2. Made this for my kids. They loved it and has become a favorite. Thank you.

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