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DLSR Lens Tags

This maybe will be helpful to just lil ole me…but I thought I would share anyway ;) I have 3 lens for my Nikon D5000. It seems when I go to get any particular lens out of my camera bag…I always pick up the wrong one. So…I thought maybe if I made some little lens tags…for each of the lens bags…it might help.

Is it just me?? Or could you use these also?? I hope so…here is what I did :





With your printer…print up some tags for your lens. Cut them out.



Glue the tag onto some scrapbooking paper. I used “green grass”  paper for my zoom lens…because I mostly use that outdoors when my subjects are farther away. Anything to make it easier for me to quickly grab;)


A quick little project that might help you to feel a bit more organized :)

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Speaking of camera’s and such….I am up for a fabulous award…Apartment Therapy’s Homie award. If you could vote that would be so fabulous :) I am nominated for Food Photography ;)

To learn more about shooting with your DLSR…go see my friends over at ShootFlyShoot….fabulous series that are made for those of us who are visual learners.

Shoot Fly Shoot

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3 thoughts on “DLSR Lens Tags

  1. So easy and so cute! This will definitely help me! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I don’t have a big camera but it sure help on many other things. Thanks for the blog.

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