Fabric covered office accessories DIY


A sneak peek at some fun office updates….I made these tack boards for my desk. I really didn’t want a big bulletin board…so I thought I would make up my own size. These are super easy to make and can be used so many places….inside a kitchen cabinet….by the mudroom…by the kids desks…so useful. And I love how you can match them up to any décor with a … [Read more...]

Update: Office / Crafting space


So happy you all are excited about the mixer giveaway! If you haven't had a chance to enter...you have 5 more days. I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my new office...it is really a fun space. I have been teasing with a few pictures of my new office space on instagram and facebook…so I thought I would share a few here. The space is already … [Read more...]

Clean and Modern Office/Craft space (moodboard)


Hi all! If you have been following along on Facebook…you have seen some pictures of my office plan coming to life. I had a light fixture installed (it required placing a box in the ceiling….which I am not very versed with…so I left it to a professional). I love the light…and the trim and walls have all been painted white. It is turning into a real … [Read more...]

How to create a gallery wall


This gallery wall in Bill’s new office was so much fun to put together! I searched for items that were interesting but also items that were reminders of who Bill is….it is a gallery that can be added to also…if I should find some more to add. It is easy to pull together…and doesn’t have to cost a lot. Some items were found in our house…most at … [Read more...]

Bedroom turned into an Office: Reveal


This project started out as just a “space for Bill to do a little work from home”…turned into meaning a whole lot more. When the peanut moved from her old room (which is now the office) into the guest room….it made for a few changes. We moved her into the guest space and decorated it to suit her. (here is that post) and within about a week…Bill had … [Read more...]

DIY Barn Door Desk


There once was a girl..and a guy…who were completely in love with the design of a particular desk…but were not willing to shell out $680 for it… source (Restoration Hardware) So…they set out on a journey to create their own…very unique desk…for a whole lot less….Story of our lives ;) On a recent trip to a local antique mall…I spotted this old, … [Read more...]

Can you have two different hardwoods in your home?


I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. We had a great Mother's day celebration with our families. So blessed to all be together! I wanted to talk a little today about why we chose different hardwood for our upstairs...from what we already have downstairs. Here is my thoughts on it... Can you have two kinds of hardwood in your home?? I would say … [Read more...]

What a find…


I found this chair a few weeks ago at a local peddlers mall. It is original..solid…and from the 1940’s. A perfect desk chair for Bill’s office. It was marked $60 and quite frankly it was a steal at that price…but I happened to be there when the owner was there and she offered it to me for $50. I couldn’t turn it down. I don’t have to do a thing to … [Read more...]

How to prep damaged walls for paint


  Do you remember when you were little…and you wanted so badly to pin something up in your room…maybe it was a poster or a good grade or a blue ribbon…and your dad said…”don’t put anything on the wall…I just painted that wall..and it will damage the wall..” but you did it anyway? (sorry, run on sentence there…just thinking out loud) . … [Read more...]

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