Hey all! Man this week has been nuts….I really do feel like I spent 8 out of 10 hours during my day in the car. Dropping off…picking up…dropping back off….I don’t do well with so much going on. Basketball will soon end….and then peanut will try out for tennis….and then there’s the whole “learning to drive” thing. Em has started her permit phase of driving while Conner is still studying for the permit test. He hopes to take it next week—in Kentucky you have to pass a written permit test (that is self taught online) and then go to DMV and take the test…getting at least an 80 on it. Stressful….However, the more time I spend in the car carting everyone around….the more at ease I become with them driving themselves:)

This weekend Em and her buddies are throwing a little shin-dig to celebrate turning 16. I was in charge of decorations…right up my alley. Been busy putting together a photo booth, banners and pompoms….Will share more next week after I take some pics….These sweet pendants are just folded 12×12 scrapbook paper. 1 sheet makes 2 pendants:) I am stringing them on twine all over the place:)


Started a new book this week…I am loving it so far. Melissa recommendations never fail me…It is called Nightingale. Set in France in 1939….it’s hard to read at times…emotional…but very good. Fullscreen capture 1292016 84734 AM

Em started working on this Lego project of the Lincoln Memorial…have you seen this new Lego editions called the Architecture series? Famous buildings you can recreate with Legos. It is a great stress reliever—even for teens and adults:) Very cool…

Fullscreen capture 1292016 85026 AM


Last weekend we attended an 80’s inspired trivia night. A friend of mine (Sherrie) put a table together and we had a ball. We were to channel our inner 80’s child…I ended up looking a whole lot like a member of the Saved by the Bell class of 86. High jeans,black blazer (official Esprit btw), large belt, huge hair, and glasses that have their own zip code. We all brought stuff to decorate our PacMan table. I made these large PacMan out of foam and dowel rods….turned out pretty cute. We used a black tablecloth…blue painters tape, large white dots and candy on the table. A fun idea for a kids party too:)

pacman party @cleverlyinspired


Tiffany…signing off


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  1. If you liked The Nightingale, try All the Light You Cannot See. I loved both. Both take place in WWII and I think are different but so similar.

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