How to Unclog a Toilet (video)

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This is a conversation that is really fairly dirty. If you don’t have toilet clogging issues….you may just want to move on and enjoy your day….otherwise…stick around because I’m about to save you millions in plumbing cost (ok, close…) And to be quite honest I’m really not even sure it fits with the mission of my blog. It is really not clever nor is it inspiring….but like I said…. it has saved me oodles and oodles and oodles of money in plumber cost so I wanted to share it with you….how to unclog a toilet @cleverlyinspired

As you know we moved into a new home last year. As you also know I have a teenage son. If you have experiences with teenage boys you know that they eat a lot…..And consequently when they eat a lot,…. well you know what happens. Anywho, our new toilet kept clogging in his bathroom. After I had the plumber come over a few times we finally had a conversation so that I could find out what we might be able to do to unclog it ourselves….

What I learned has saved me a ton….because a toilet plunger…no mater how good of a plunger and how hard we plunged…would NEVER have unclogged the toilet. New toilets have a “vent” on the inside. This vent only lets water out….it doesn’t not flap the other way. Acts as a prevention or sorts so that sewage can not back up into your toilet…. (this is my laymen-not-certified-plumber explanation.) My plumber John (from Ballard plumbing…great guy!) He told me that you need to have a way to PUSH the BLOCKAGE through…rather than plunge (which moves the water back and forth until the blockage moves.) So to do that I needed a Toilet Auger…..

And here is where my video will pick up this conversation…it will explain (along with some mighty fine jazzy music I might add….) how to go about removing a blockage in your toilet….enjoy my friends….And with all that money you saved you can go buy a new pair of boots—because you have EARNED it!!





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