Happy Friday yall! And happy Labor Day weekend…so hard to believe September is already here. I hope yall don’t think I have lost my marbles after reading today’s post……..

I read a post the other day….Emily Clark had posted about a letter she received from a very brave woman named Esther. Esther was lamenting about how worn down and ugly her builder grade pre-finished floors looked. She had considered every option…but wanting to stick to a budget she decided to try and paint them. All I can say is….O M G….holy cow….good gravy….golly miss molly….They. Look. Amazing. I was completely enthralled with how she pulled it off.

I couldn’t stop thinking about those floors. I emailed my hubs the post…thinking he may come back with a “you’ve lost your mind honey…” or “whattcho talkin about willis…” but instead I was greeted with a “go for it babe”….again….I married a saint. So now that I have his blessing…I really cannot stop thinking about it. (stop throwing things at the computer dad…I know you highly disagree with even the thought of painting a hardwood floor…I know…)

But here is what I think about the whole thing. It’s a floor. Period. I am not painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel… And in it’s current state…it needs to be either refinished or replaced. 10 years of dog and kids have left their mark….and it isn’t a pretty one.

Here’s the other thing….I really dislike the color of my floor. So that being said….I would never want to sand it down and put the same stain on top.

I will keep you posted….but if you know me like I think you know me….you know that my mind is pretty much already made up (or if you follow along on instagram or facebook…;)….where’s my paint deck? :)

For inspiration….here is what I am dreaming in my head….light, bright….airy and clean:)

Which is a lot better than this….(which is the current state of my floor…) Do tell….do you think I’m nuts??painting a hardwood floor @cleverlyinspired (1)
It’s a good thing he is cute…..;)

painting a hardwood floor @cleverlyinspired (2)


Next week….let’s just call it Floor week:) Oh yeah…..Have a great weekend friends!

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