I love burlap. Do you think the pioneer’s decorated with burlap?? Or do you think they would look at us like we are nuts because we put it all over all fall decorations?!?! I wonder…either way…I love it. It has great texture, it is relatively cheap and it just screams FALL!!! I have been finding some really great examples all over pinterest…and I came up with some ways to incorporate it on our front porch. I am not going to show you everything…still a couple things “in the works” hehehe….and I still need some pumpkins!

 I used the wreath that I made last year on the front door.
 Corn stalks are secured to the window frame with floral wire.
 I attached a grapevine wreath to the cornstalk with floral wire. The burlap bows are so easy …and I love the texture they give to the wreath. I found a bolt at Michael’s—it was super wide. Just tie a bow around the top (like you would tie your shoe) Fluff it up a bit and your done! I had the sunflowers from last year and I just stuck them in good to the wreath.
I shared this picture on Facebook the other day. It is my friend Brittany’s wreathes that her friend Julie made. Aren’t they awesome!! She used a straw wreath….wrapped burlap around…then ruffled the burlap (pinning as she went around.) She added some fabulous orange and yellow floral pics to finish it off.
Now go get yourself some burlap girls!!

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  1. That looks great….wish my house was prettier…but I may try this anyway…it will be the best looking thing about my porch. ;)

  2. Charlotte @ Cowgirl Clippings

    I love the corn stalks. And I agree about burlap being a good fall decoration.

  3. How beautiful! You always come up with beautiful stuff. Lovely!

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