Dangling Earring organizer….for $2

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I’m not going to lie. I kind of smiled and thought…that is really clever…when I finished this project. I was in need of a way to see all my longer earrings…without having to take out every earring to find the match…yada yada….So this is what I thought of…

Here is how it normally looks….”where is that dang-on other earring…” (ok, maybe not dang-on…maybe another word…insert here)
So I got 2 cup hooks ($1.46) and some little chain (I had this on hand in my garage, but you can find this chain in the chain aisle—I know…bit redundent sorry)…
 I screwed in the cup hooks after measuring how far to place them…
 I love how they are all right there to see….I love that I will wear them more often now because I can actually find them….just love…
Go ahead….make yourself one…you will impress yourself :) And it will feel great!

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12 thoughts on “Dangling Earring organizer….for $2

  1. Caiti

    That's great! Maybe I can make one and use it as an excuse to buy more jewelry … hubby probably wouldn't go for that, though. Great job :)

  2. MountainLight

    Love the chain!! I use a baking rack (the wire kind that you cool cookies on) held by cup hooks; same idea, but the chain looks much nicer. Thanks!! :)

  3. Christina

    Hi Tracie saw this project on Interest. Love this!!! Was wondering what I was going to do for my own jewelry mixmash and this is it. THANK YOU. -Christina

  4. Laura S

    I posted this to my Pinterest “Jewelry Holder” board with the comment “This is a $2.00 DIY from “Cleverly Inspired” blog ” ….
    I have had over 100 repins – all that link to this craft and your blog. You really hit on something there!

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