Elmo’s World. That is what I was doing September 11, 2001. Sesame Street was on the TV. My babies were  happily eating Cheerios and singing along to Elmo’s little chant….I was cleaning off the high chairs and thinking about going to the zoo that day. Bill called me…”you need to turn on the news….2 planes have collided in New York…I don’t know why…”
I turned it on….and I couldn’t turn it off…for months. I would get up every morning…and listen and learn and cry.
On this day….I think and remember and pray. I will never forget how I felt that morning. I will always embrace the tears that come on this day…because that is how I can pay tribute to those who aren’t with us anymore…how I will never forget those little ones who lost a parent, the parent who lost a son or daughter, the men and women who went in to help when others where running out, all of them.
I took these pictures back in 1993. I was studying photography at the University of Dayton. My friend Margaret and Bill and I decided to roadtrip. I am so thankful I had my camera…and I am so thankful I took these pictures.

Never forget…


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  1. I couldn't stop crying last night watching the Dateline special. It was hard watching the videos even though I've seen it thousands of times. I was a senior in college and was also glued to the TV for weeks after. My heart breaks for all the families affected.

  2. I was at a girlfriends for lunch with my baby son. She and I just sat and watched the TV together. We were speechless. At some point we found we were holding hands….

  3. Tracy@GeneralSplendour

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. You are lucky to have seen them in all of their statuesque glory. I wish I would have had the pleasure. I wish us all a very peaceful day today.

  4. Wow, gorgeous photos. Amazing and what great momentos and well, pieces of history. I was at home, but two months later, I traveled from TX to NYC to help however I could. I posted photos from that trip on my blog today. They aren’t great, but are my little piece of history and are proof to me of what my eyes saw. We will never forget.

  5. Charlotte @ Cowgirl Clippings

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for the post.

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