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Easy DIY Fabric Cuff Keychain
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Easy DIY Fabric Cuff Keychain

I’ve been shopping car insurance for the past 3 days….that makes me legally insane right? Twins have been expensive in the past….but insurances cost for 2 new drivers has more than doubled our car insurance premiums….. .Ouch….ouch….ouch…So to reduce some stress around here I have hit the sewing machine again:) I wanted to come up with an easy project that would utilize some of my fabric scraps. These key chains are for sale over at Lullebelle’s and I’ll be listing some in my etsy shop too.

5 minute Kentucky Derby Party DIY fascinator
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$5…5 minute Kentucky Derby Party DIY fascinator

My friends at the Kentucky Derby challenged me to come up with a fun way to celebrate Derby no matter where you live and I thought that this Kentucky Derby fascinator could be made quick and on the cheap for all your Derby parties. If you don’t have a derby party to go to… no sweat… Just make one and hang out with the family and watch the greatest two minutes in sports at your house.

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