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Easy Handmade Valentine with free printable

Thanks for all your excitement about our possible adventure…. (see Wednesdays post). All we know at this hour is that we are still “in contention”…fingers crossed:) Till then….here is a sweet craft to do this weekend:)

Even though my kiddos are 15 now I still like to come up with a corny little Valentine to give them. We used to spend hours by the table making handmade Valentines when they were little and for some reason I love all the little corny sayings. There’s so many to choose from. But I thought I would give you 5 really easy fun ideas in case you’re looking for a craft to do this weekend. You can knock these out and have Valentines all finished and ready to go.


easy handmade valentine free printable @cleverlyinspired (3)

The one that I made I basically just wrapped a pack of gum. It’s really nothing new…it’s all over Pinterest I’m sure. I created the printable that you can print out and cut out and all you have to do is tape it on a pack of gum and you’re finished. Some of the others that I picked to show you don’t call for any kind of candy which is also nice. It’s fun to give a little treat or something special that doesn’t cost a lot of money. And like always you can search up Pinterest homemade valentines and you will have a huge array of ideas. All you’re going to need for my valentine is some paper or cardstock some scotch tape and scissors. The size of the printable is about 3 x 5.5 so it should wrap around most packs of gum.

Click on HERE to download the printable (I put 3 on one sheet of paper:) (obviously for personal use only….don’t go selling these and telling people you made the printable mkay:)


gum valentine


easy handmade valentine free printable @cleverlyinspired (1)

I thought these were adorable too….I mean who doesn’t love a truck full of donut goodness??

5 sweet handmade valentines @cleverlyinspired (3)

Donut Truck Printable


5 sweet handmade valentines @cleverlyinspired (1)

You’re the BALM printable


5 sweet handmade valentines @cleverlyinspired (2)

Fruit Valentine Printable



5 sweet handmade valentines @cleverlyinspired (4)

Balloon Valentine

Happy weekend my loves:)


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