• Pretty sure I am the only blogger in all the land without a Silhouette machine. I am cool with that. I have a feeling it would frustrate me….and I don’t need any more craft-frustrations.
  • There is really no feeling better than when another outside observant adult like a teacher comments about your child…describing them as “mannered, kind and friendly to all”….it really is better than gold. #doinmyjob
  • Egg salad should be illegal. There I said it. It smells like a fart….no if’s ands or butts about it (pun intended)
  • My daughter hates the beach. I grew up on a beach. Me-no-understand. (do you think she was switched at birth? No, she looks too much like me I suppose…)
  • Smartphone GPS’s are God’s greatest gift to the family road trip. We knew about many traffic jams on the way home from vacation before the traffic was even there. You feel like you are outsmarting everyone when you totally bypass the traffic.
  • My son has a bit of an addiction to Nike Elite socks….he matches his outfit to his socks. He also refuses to cut his own fingernails for fear of cutting himself. I envision his roommate in college having to clip his nails for him. Please tell me I am wrong?!?!
  • Our church just built a new church (poor grammar…I know) It is quite something. We have been holding mass in the grade school gym for three years. A few of the wooden chairs that we have sat on for the past three years are being made into 4 crosses for the inside of the new church. I thought that was a genius idea.
  • Pollen is really fun. Or not.
  • It is going to be 83 here this week. I guess we are skipping spring? I am not complaining…just sayin….
  • And because I cannot post without a picture….here is a recent favorite.


rosemary beach 2013 (119)fb

And I leave you with this little thought…that I recently found on pinterest…



That is the truth;)


Side note, I am posting today over at Jamielyn’s….Come and see how I made some fun and festive Newspaper Flowers

newspaper flowers @iheartnaptime (2)cv


Happy Monday friends ;)

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  1. That was a fun post :) And I totally agree about the person who is nice to you but not nice to the waiter!!! A few years ago I joined my husband and his colleagues for dinner and one of his coworkers was so openly rude to the waitress that even people at other tables were noticing….snapping his fingers at her, returning a bunch of the food (most of which had been eaten enough to be considered finished). But the icing on the cake was when the check came and he summoned her over to tell her which items he was refusing to pay for because he hadn’t enjoyed them. OMG! I was so angry that I couldn’t even swallow and my face was so red. Under normal circumstances I would have told him off in front of the waitress but it was my first time meeting all of the coworkers and we were a large group (about 15) and my husband kept eyeing me to shut my mouth. We later returned to the restaurant and gave her a large tip and I apologized profusely for the jerk’s poor behavior. She was so happy that I came back she actually hugged me and she said that she could tell how angry I was during the dinner. Sorry to go off on a rant like that – it’s just that every time I think of someone being rude to a waiter I think of that and then my blood boils all over again….LOL!

  2. Hilarious Amanda! Yes…it makes my blood boil too. I was out with my hubby a few months back…and the table next to us was so demeaning to our waitress…I was feeling so sorry for her. I left her a note on the check to cheer her up a bit. This quote is so true! Have a great week ;)

  3. Agree, that was a fun post! And I was just thinking to myself today how awesome the GPS is on my phone.
    And the waitress thing hit a nerve with me too since I was a waitress in Germany as a teenager growing up. It’s unbelievable how rude some people are.
    I get the comments too from teachers or other adults about my kids and I sometimes think they must be talking about some other child when they talk about my daughter! Why can’t she act like that at home??? LOL

  4. Tracie-Love how your craft room came together and loved reading your “truths”. Jeff and I would love to get together with you guys at some point in our lives and be nice to our waiter/waitress. Our intentions are always so much bigger than what we can make happen. I’m not sure where that comes from. Does that mean we lack something, somwhere? I don’t know??

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