Sometimes things…are more than just things. They are treasures that take you back to a certain moment or place. You remember when you got it…you remember how exciting it was and how special.

This particular treasure came from Target.  In December 1999. Yeap, it was purchased by me…about one month before we had the twins. I bought 4 of the same kind of blanket…one in blue, one in pink and two multicolor. I was thinking 2 for each should ease the laundry rotation.  I didn’t think much at all when I tossed them in my cart…other than they were soft..and I really had to go to the bathroom…and I wasn’t supposed to be out in the first place since I was already 5 cm dilated. (girl needs her Target runs I right or am I right?!?!) Bed rest, Shmed-rest…


Anywho, I proceeded to take the blankets home and wash them in Dreft like all the parenting magazines told me to. I placed the pink and blue one in my hospital bag. All set. Ready to meet “the nut” and “bear”…as they were referred to as…and always will be.

They came home in these blankets. They have slept with them everynight for the past 146 months. That is how old they are now…146 months. Wouldn’t be hilarious if someone asked me how old my kids are and I said 146 months…awesome. I am going to start doing that….

2012-03-01 001

The blankets have gone on vacation, and to the the Dr’s when we had to get shots…to the Wiggles concert…to 3 houses…to Nana’s and Grammie & PopPop’s..…to cousins and friends houses. They have been capes, forts, wigs, through countless tug-a-wars, indoor picnics…you name it. In sickness..and in health.  They are a taste of home…when you can’t be home. They bring as much comfort as any heaping bowl of mac n cheese or ice cream. Blankets=Joy.


So when my bear asks me to “repair” his beloved…”one more time” …I say yes. And I think…joy and comfort are things we never outgrow…nor should we have to.

Gotta go sew it up….again ;)

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  1. Love this!!! As I looked at your post, these pictures remind me exactly of some photos in my personal stash. I have a boy girl set of twins and I swear when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was one of my pictures- HAHA!!! I also have a picture of my twins in their beds with their hands in the same position. So cute!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. bed… not bed’s’ obviously that wouldnt work- haha!

  2. This blog touched my heart. Thank You

  3. Yvonne Thompson Davis

    My son’s favorite blanket. Still on his bed 7 years later.

  4. God Bless those adorable lids. Now 146 months still cutie piesxxxxooo. Love to follow you Traci. LOL

  5. Growing up I was inseparable from my Blankie. As I got older it was still an at-night must have. I liked it cold so I would put it on the floor, then run it over my face, I had a whole routine but that meant I frayed the trim to shreds every few years and eventually the top half fell off completely and ended up in a drawer while the silky side stuck it out… admittedly far past 146 months. It even came to university with me, although it lived at the bottom of the underwear drawer then.
    After years of joking about incorporating blankie into my wedding dress, when I got married my mom surprised me by pulling out a chunk of blankie from my bouquet at the reception. I will admit to having a pang of ‘You CUT blankie!?’ but I got over it. ( Although I did make sure the piece made it back to the underwear drawer =)

  6. Loved your touching post. I read it to my family, and they too were touched. It made me think about some of the sentimental things that I have cherished from MY children. Thanks for the post…

  7. What a lovely story! My kids wen’t comforted by a blankie, but their thumb. I always washed it, always with them…morning noon, and night until each of my kids were ready to go into kindergarten. Although they needed to give up their thumbs, it was sad. Oh, those were the days!

  8. My nieces blanket was turned into her pillow for the ring bearer to carry at their wedding. She still continues to sleep with it at 29 years old.

  9. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes! I remember when the kids were that little! Time sure does fly! I too, had to repair Ellie’s “Ellie-gator” blanket AGAIN last night so this was a perfect read tonight! Love you!

  10. My boys, 18 and 17 now had covers when they were little boys. One sucked on it and it stunk to high heavens and the other son rubbed the satin edge on his upper lip. Sweet to remember this now. Man, went by to fast! Every time I see a little one with a cover I think of my doodle and jojo…..

    1. Oh so sweet! Thanks for sharing!!

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