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I would like to be addressed as Lady Tracie from now on….does that please you very well? I kindly have selected some new frock for the new year. I do hope you take pleasure it what I have put together…
(yes, I have come to know Downton Abbey…it only took me a couple of years to catch up right?) I can now see the draw…I am in love with the show. Praise sweet Jesus for Netflix which allows me to watch while I walk on the treadmill!
So I have put together a few outfits…with the Lady’s of Downton in mind :)
I imagine if Lady Mary were living right now….she might enjoy this ensemble put together…maybe for a nice ride with cousin Matthew? (Sorry, I am only on season one…no spoilers please :)
Lady Mary Riding set


The new No nonsense tights and leggings makes it easy and affordable to create one of a kind outfits on a dime! The new tights and leggings make it easy to add a pop of color to every outfit. No nonsense is ensuring that all women can experience “style made easy”. And comfy I might add! This outfit above is totally me…classic, but yet a bit of trend (emerald green is the pantone color of 2013 you know :)

Get your look for less! No nonsense can be found at most retailers and drug stores..easy in and out shopping…with style! And you know how I like a good bargain…and these tights and leggings definitely fit the bill.

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So what outfit would you put together??


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  1. Love the outfit. I could see Lady Mary wearing it as she rides in the countryside with Matthew! I too recently found Downton Abbey but I’ve had some DA marathon weekends and am caught up! Was so excited for last Sunday’s premier but then was a little disappointed….it was me not the show…I couldn’t stay wake. Recorded it so I’ll watch it again before the next episode. No spoilers from me…..enjoy!

    I’ve also just discovered Breaking Bad….Netflix is turning me into a couch potato! Wish I had a treadmill like you!

  2. I would like to know where you found all those items in your gorgeous outfit. Would you be able to provide links?

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