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Large Wreath for little cost…DIY

I love a good healthy wreath—something that takes up space—something you can see from the street—one of lifes simple pleasures I suppose. So, last year–I was determined to have one, and not pay alot for it.

What you need to make this wreath:
3 fall garlands
4 or so fall “picks” for the bottom
Floral wire (fyi, girls best friend)
Large surface also helps =)
Went to Michael’s when they were selling all the fall garland for 50% off. I choose 3 garlands, that complimented each other. One of them had more of a “branch” feel to it (hearty) and the others were more pliable. I also gathered about 4 fall picks (like fruit, or berries…anything that matches the colors of your garland (see at the bottom of the wreath).
  1. Shape the sturdier branch into a circle and wire ends together.
  2. Use the other 2 garlands and lay on top..wiring to join the the 3 together.
  3. When you have the 3 together and shaped…add the fall picks to the bottom and wire to the wreath.
  4. Hang up and enjoy!!
Project cost less than $15 —for a wreath that is worth a bunch more!!!
Be inspired to be clever!
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