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Freezer paper stencil…DIY

Freezer paper—have you ever used it? I hadn’t. I assumed it was for just placing things in the freezer—oh how wrong I was! This little craft is so cheap- so fun- so multi-purpose—-your mind will blow with all the uses!!!

I grab a t-shirt—that had already been washed (no fabric softener =) . I used one that I already had. I never really wore it too much—quite frankly it is just way too orange. So, I thought, perfect for a Halloween shirt–am I right?!?!

You will need to following for this craft:

Some Freezer paper, fabric paint, sponge brush, shape of your choice and a washed t shirt. You could also use a cotton tote bag—jeans…etc….see what I mean (you can go crazy with this application—after you see how easy it is!)

The first step is to find a shape you would like to use. I had a ghost available so that is what I used. Cut out a piece of Freezer paper large enough for your shape.

Then trace that form on the dull side of the freezer paper and with scissors, poke a hole in the center and cut out. You are creating the stencil.

Now, place the stencil on the t shirt where you would like it to be. With a hot iron–adhere the freezer paper stencil (shiny side will be down on the shirt). Run the iron back and forth a few times. Amazing right! I KNOW. The stencil will be adhered to the shirt.

Put some paint on a paper plate. Place a piece of cardboard in between the shirts front and back. Start painting the edges first—pouncing up and down gently until the shape is all filled in.
When you are done, let it dry for about 30 minutes. Then gently peel the stencil paper off—WOW, look at what you just made!!!! Now, think of the possibilities! Initials on pillows…tote bags….t shirts…jeans….etc….! Make something this weekend!! Great kids craft! Share with me what you make!!!
Be inspired to be clever!
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