A French Country Inspired Kitchen: Reader Redesign


Good news....my knee is on the mend....and Stella has spent the last few days apologizing...in her own special way:) Sometimes I miss the mark....and this moodboard was one of those times. What I had envisioned for this client was not exactly to her liking. She loved some of what I put together....but she was going for a different vibe. That is one … [Read more...]

Cozy Coastal Family Room: Reader Redesign


It seems that design work has kept me as busy as blog work lately….and I love it! It is rewarding to help people see their homes in a new light…and turn it into a space that they truly love. I have been helping the Adam’s family for about a year now. They live in Seattle and love the coast…and the colors that it inspires. They asked me to help … [Read more...]

Master bedroom: Reader Redesign


A few months back I was contacted by a reader who was having some trouble “pulling it together” in her master bedroom. She asked if I could come and take a look sometime to give her some ideas to freshen up the space. This room has a ton going for it….it just needs a bit of direction…. It is a large room with great furniture…fabulous window and a … [Read more...]

A complete remodel: And it’s for sale!


I needed to share this home with you. Some good friends of mine just completed the remodel. (and local friends….it is for sale!) They are hosting an open house all weekend. I would encourage you to pop in and take a look. Truly amazing to see the work they did in just 90 days. I am doing some marketing for the property so I thought I would share … [Read more...]

Reader Redesign: Organizational Help in the Kitchen


I am back friends. Did you miss me? I had a great break with a bunch of fun family and friend time. So recharged...even though I could have easily been happy spending one more week at the beach. I hope you had a nice Easter and break too :) A friend of mine recently wrote me asking for some help with some organization in her kitchen. I think … [Read more...]

Reader Redesign: Update to a Dining Room


Do you remember my friend/reader who wanted some help with her Dining Room? The space was needing a bit of fresh life…and I worked up a board for her to start the process. Well, she emailed me pictures to show me an update of her new space. I love it when a plan comes together…don’t you!?! She is not quite finished but the color change and some … [Read more...]

Update a room without painting (Library Design plan)


Hey friends...we had nice lazy weekend...those are the best. Today I wanted to show you some options for updating a space when you don't feel like repainting. My friend and neighbor had asked for a bit of direction with her library space. The room is large and has been mostly unused. Her family is avid readers so it made sense to use the space … [Read more...]

Reader Redesign: Kelly’s Warm & Cozy Dining Room (Moodboard)


Hi all! Happy Monday....hope you enjoyed some lovely fall weather! I have been working on a little mini update to our master bath...can't wait to show you more soon.... I received a request from a sweet reader named Kelly. She was needing a bit of direction for her dining room. She recently did an amazing job on repainting this gorgeous china … [Read more...]