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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ditto by Simple Matters for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes companies contact me and tell me about a really cool new product that I get to research to tell you about. This is exactly one of those cases. I was sent a request to share with you a cool new gadget that will be available the first part of the new year. The Ditto will be life changing….and it will put you back in control of your smartphone rather than the other way around….   It seems we have become so connected to our smartphones that many of us have a hard time putting it down. We go out to dinner with our family…there’s our phone. We go on a girl’s night out…there’s our phones….running errands…at a stop light….trying to exercise….it is constantly need of our attention.   You hear about sidewalks in China that now have smartphone lanes for walking because so many people were bumping into each other because they are all looking down at their phones. You hear about restaurants offering discounts to patrons who will check their cell phones at the door so they actually can have a conversation at dinner. It’s kind of becoming an epidemic how connected we need to be. They offer us so much productivity….and they are wonderful….but with all things…moderation is the key. There has to be a line drawn and ditto helps you draw that line. ditto @cleverlyinspired   Imagine going out on a date with your hubby and not pulling your cell phone out to check to see if the kids are okay or if you’re sick grandmother is still in the hospital or if Johnny got to the basketball practice okay. Ditto is a very convenient little device that lets you save favorite phone numbers that are extremely important to you and it vibrates to let you know that that person is trying to contact you.   It never needs to be charged it has a very low cost battery that will not need replacing for a very long time. It will clip on to a bra strap… it will sneak into the smallest of pockets…only you will know it is there. There will be no need to check your cell phone because if that important person is trying to get ahold of you Ditto will let you know! It is waterproof so you can swim with it on…it is so lightweight that you can wear it on your workout clothes and not even know it’s there but yet you are still connected. I think inventions like this makes so much sense because it puts the importance back on the people who are important. You live in the moment . I would encourage you to take 2 minutes of your day to check out this video and go ahead and back this product. You will be the coolest on the street when you go out with your friends to the next moms night out and everybody’s checking their phone…while you are soaking it all in….:)


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