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Brightest Recessed lighting for Kitchen

I don’t know if it’s something that I notice because I work in the kitchen the most or if it’s just something that women in general notice more than men…. but in my house I tend to notice how bright a room is a little bit more than my husband. The yellow cast of light in our kitchen was annoying to me. I’m sure when these recessed lights were installed the electrician just put in cheapest light bulbs that were available. So I went on a little bit of research and ended up finding a really good deal on some LCD recessed lighting from Amazon. This light bulb had really good reviews and it was priced very well in comparison to the big home improvement stores. I decided to take a leap of faith and test out some for our kitchen.

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All I can say is it is like somebody turned the sun on. The light is so clear and so true to sunlight it is amazing. The difference is literally night and day. I think that if you are in your kitchen often and working ,cooking,  & baking you will immediately appreciate the clearness of this light. For me, these lights have made all the difference when I am photographing food.

You can see that the lights in the corner cast a very yellow tone to the white cabinets as opposed to the lights on the right by the fridge where I changed out the bulbs have a very clear true light. The white cabinet is white!

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We bought 12 lights and have changed out all the lighting in the kitchen and the two recessed lights in the family room as well. After doing the math we realized they will last about 15 years… joke.   They have a 5 year warranty. And they claimed to last up to and more than 45000 hours. The lights are silent, immediately come on and are able to be put on a dimmer (some cheaper versions are not dimmable….so look for that.)

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So you pay a few bucks more upfront but you have a much clearer light for a much longer period of time and it really does seem like a win-win. I think that if you change out the lights room by room you will notice the difference for sure.  Now that we have seen the difference in the kitchen we are changing out all the lights in the bathrooms first and then moving on to the basement lights. I tried to take pictures to show the difference. We did notice that during the evening hours it is so bright that we went ahead and put a dimmer on. Worked great!

(the photo below is from the amazon listing….)

Fullscreen capture 1012015 72610 AM

So before you add lighting or have an electrician come in to change lighting it might be a good idea to try out one of these bulbs first to see if that makes the difference.

I really can’t recommend them enough! Here is the affiliate link below…


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