FRIDAY!!! Whoot!! Try to soak up these last weekends of summer. My bff is traveling in town today on this….They are making there way to the Grand Canyon from Philadelphia. I know right! What an adventure! I am so pumped that they are stopping here first:) (I will be calling them Griswold all weekend…yes I will)




So I thought it would be fun to share 5 interesting/funny/just because I want to share them…things on Friday. I shall call it 5 for the Road:) Maybe it will be a series…that is my hope anyhow…but I don’t want to over commit;) Here are some interesting things to chat about and look up this weekend…


5 simple changes to make you happier


Do you know these women?


How fabulous would this be if it were true….



Too hot to cook…17 Lazy girl recipes


Stackable ice cube tray just seems like a good idea….no? (source UncommonGoods)



Fullscreen capture 7302015 82402 AM


What everyone is thinking about tiny houses…but this writer so clearly and hilariously states… (a bit vulgar, but very very funny…)



live nice


One last thing (I realize I am over my limit of 5:) I have a little friend, her name is Anna…she is actually my best friend Melissa’s daughter’s (too many apostrophes?, I never know…)  best friend. Got that? There will be a quiz;) She is on a mission to remind folks of how very easy it should be to just Live Nice towards one another. She is a little entrepreneur…setting up at local farmer’s markets around the Philly area to sell her Live Nice t shirts. I would love for you to support her:) Here is a link to her website…and her Facebook page (her parents are managing that for her:) I love me shirt…it is super soft and fits so nice….pun intended;)


Happy weekend!


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