Joanne Gaines…Fixer Upper girl….how does she do her hair? It’s not  beach waves…it’s not a ringlet…it’s just perfect soft flowy curls. And when she pulls it back… it’s even more perfect?! I want to know her secret stat!


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A wee bit obsessed with the Sons of Liberty mini series on the history channel. Did you catch it? I’m sure it’s on a repeat if not…. I highly recommend it. I’m sure the historical accuracy will be challenged….but it gives you a really great sense of the sacrifices that our founding fathers gave up for liberty. Something that is so taken for granted. On a side note..Ben Franklin kind of comes off like the “Dude” from The Big Lebowski… I’m also wondering if Samuel Adams was really that good looking as a young man… as my friend Jill said… #revolutionaryEyeCandy;) … ..also…Paul Revere should have been on a coin too…can you say badass (pardon please…)? The man got it done! Here nor there… it was a great mini series and one that I will probably watch again. I’m kind of a history nerd that way.

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source History Channel

Baby Stella is a ripe old 6 months old now and a whopping 56 pounds and growing. She has officially hit her teenage years as they say. Her behavior is awesome until you go to take her for a walk and she decides to eat grass…pick up twigs and just play dead in the middle of the street. Any thoughts on how to curb that?

This is a favorite spot/position for her to take a nap….odd pup….real ladylike Stella…..20150125_174846

I met with a new client to talk about paint colors for her kitchen remodel. She also wants some help in her basement where she is trying to put the space together on a budget. One thing she wants to incorporate is this couch (color sample below). Can you say a challenge? It is a purpley/mauvey color….she hates it too…but wants to keep it for now. I am thinking of infusing some of these patterns….thoughts? Her tastes are a bit “warmer” than mine…so I am trying to make this “breakfast club meets sixteen candles meets WallStreet” couch warmer…wish me luck:)

20150128_101111 (1)

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My Instagram feed blew up a few weeks ago when I posted this picture of my meals on wheels that I provide for my teenage son. He is the freshman basketball manager and is required to go to all the practices and the games which require some late evenings. Our commute home is typically about 20 minutes so he as literally starving by the time he got home (think infant/man child hunger pains….) I thought to make him our dinner “to-go” style. (a cake pan makes everything portable!) I take it with me when I go to pick him up….keep it warm with my heated seats….he downs it on the way home. It’s like on meals on wheels. He’s finished by the time we get home. Good use of time if you ask me!




Any thoughts to share with me?

Back tomorrow with some queso….just in time for the big game that the Packers are NOT playing in….BOO!


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  1. What about a slip cover for the couch? You can use one of the fabrics you picked out for the back pillows to add a pop of color.

    1. That is a great idea! The only thing that concerns me…it is a really odd shape…I would have to get a custom slipcover which may defeat the purpose:) I like the idea of taking off the back pillows are replacing them with large fabric pillows…your onto something:) Thanks!

  2. I am not really a fan of the “Imperial Dress” pattern with the couch. In my opinion, together they look too ’90’s… The other 3 are lovely. I find the “Solar Flair Onyx” to be the warmest of the 3. I agree with replacing or covering the back pillows with fabric.

  3. I’ve been meaning to watch Sons of Liberty, read such good things, thanks for another great endorsement #revolutionaryeyecandy indeed. Your Meals on Wheels is brillz! Gotta remember that for late night practices :)

    1. xoxo Kate:) #SamSightForSoreEyes:)

  4. Hair……

    Maybe she curls it w/ a flat iron to add just a touch of wave. I love it also!!!!!

  5. When you figure how how Joanna does here hair, I want to know too! Oh and the meals on wheels idea…genius!

  6. […] week when I posted about the Fixer Upper star’s hair a few of you had commented that you too have a weak obsession […]

  7. Trac – Gene is reading “Bunker Hill” right now, and Sam Adams was really 20+ years older than Dr. Joseph Warren. What?!? Stupid need for historical accuracy. Never mind… keeping Sam just as he is in my mind. :)

    1. so funny! I am reading that right now too!!I just started.

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