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Help your favorite teacher with Office Depot and Adopt A Classroom

I think it is kind of rare…for your best friend to have been your first friend. My “sister-from-another-motha” was my very first friend. Literally, our moms were good friends and neighbors before we were born. So technically, we were buddies while in utero.  But just because parents are friends….doesn’t always mean their kids will be close. However, for Melissa and I ….we have always filled the void that a sister would take…she is my go-to person.

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(Melissa, her brother Mark, Me)

We grew up in different states, never attended the same school, and for most of our lives we were pen pals only getting to hang out in the summer (at my Grammies). When we were in college (before any sort of social media…we would write letters about the boys we liked and the friends we were meeting). I still have letters that she wrote me about her now-husband. She still has photo collages that I made her during our high school years.  I cried with her when she had to say goodbye to her husband when he served in Kosovo. She stood with me as I vowed marriage at my wedding…and I at hers. 39 years. An entire lifetime of memories, laughing, crying and everything that comes with growing up.

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She is now a 1st grade teacher and is in her 17th year in her profession. Her husband is a middle school special Ed teacher. They have 3 young girls (under the 5th grade). They are two of the hardest working people I know. So when Office Depot approached me and ask me if I know any teachers that could benefit directly from Adopt A Classroom….I jumped up…Yes, Yes I do. I see first hand how they care for their students. How much time, energy and money they give to their classrooms everyday.

Be sure to visit Office Depot to find out more about how you can give back to your favorite teachers. And teachers…be sure to sign up your classroom. 100% of the money goes to YOUR CLASSROOM!

Office Depot recognizes the sacrifices good teachers are making on a daily basis to provide supplies to each student. 92% of teachers polled said they spend money every year out of their pocket for their classroom needs. Let’s help lessen that burden. Every penny helps.

PS: today is her birthday:) Happy birthday sis:) xoxo


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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