I have a confession. I order pretzels. That’s right…I pay to have my pretzels made and shipped to me directly from a small Amish “factory” in Pennsylvania. You see, I am sort of a pretzel snob. I grew up in Philadelphia eating literally the world’s best pretzels. Growing up, when we were asking my mom for the 1000th time when dinner would be ready…she would say “go get a pretzel”. We would sometimes run low on bread, milk, eggs, clean underwear (joking mom)….but NEVER pretzels.


I heart pretzels very much. See…I told you…I have issues. So when I heard about this little Amish company named Martin’s Pretzels from Akron, PA on the Food network…I couldn’t turn away.


I had to watch the story. Sitting there with the peanut…we were drooling. With Ipad in hand…I had order a 3lb bulk order of the original hard pretzels..with salt…before the story was even over. I couldn’t wait to receive the goodness in the mail.


I am not kidding…they are the best hard pretzel I have ever had. And I don’t like to toot my own horn…but I am sort of an expert. I gave some to my parents a few weeks back. They ordered there own a few days later. They couldn’t get enough either.


PS. this is not a sponsored post…Martin’s Pretzels has NO clue who I am….I just needed to pass on a little pretzel love to you all.

And since you are so sweet to listen to me rant over my new found love …I am going to send one lucky pretzel lover a 3lb box.

Just comment here and tell me your favorite way to enjoy a pretzel…soft, hard, cheesy? mustard??

Thank you. Amen.

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  1. yummy, I like my pretzels with nutella spread on them. thanks for offering a giveaway

  2. I love pretzels too! Though I can’t consider myself a pretzel snob, I do feel as though I can appreciate a quality pretzel! I love hard and soft, dipped in yellow mustard…but I would have to go with the soft since that’s harder to have at home :)

  3. Soft with mustard, if you please!!!

  4. I love ALL salty snacks and would love to “meet” Martin’s Amish Pretzels! They sound yummy!

  5. I LOVE all pretzels…with peanut butter… and sometimes chocolate!

  6. LOVE pretzels! <3
    The best way to enjoy is with mustard- YUM!!!!!!

  7. I love pretzels! Any kind; hard, soft, big or little, with or without cheese or mustard! I am a pretzel girl all the way!

  8. Hard pretzels dipped in French onion dip.

  9. I love hard pretzels dunked in honey mustard. Yum!

  10. Your post made me laugh! My mom always had hard pretzels in the house when we were young. I loved them so much and it brings back so many memories. I’ll have to order some if I don’t win! Thanks!

  11. Soft is always a treat and definately with mustard but hard pretzels are the ‘go to’ snack in ths house.

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALLLLLLLLL PRETZELS!!!! My dad grew up in York, Pa. I was raised on pretzels. Soft HOT Pretzels must be eaten with mustard, Hard pretzels — the harder crumblier the best!! — those eat plain, Thin pretzels in daytime with cream cheese, AT bedtime Thins with ICE CREAM TO DIP THEM IN !!!! PICK ME !!! I am in need of pretzel stash!!!!

    1. But in HERE in MEMPHIS there is no good pretzels1!! SADDD FACE! ::((((((( This is not the same company that makes Martin’s potato chips.

  13. I love pretzels – soft & warm with cheese (I’m from Wisconsin after all), or crispy & salty. YUM!

  14. i love chocolate covered pretzels! or just plain is good, too!

  15. Soft with mustard–yum!

  16. Soft and warm with jalapeno cheese (if I’m feeling kinda spicy) or soft and warm with cinnamon and sugar with a caramel dip (If I’m feeling kinda sweet). Love hard pretzels too. But, a good soft pretzel….ahhh!!!! Awesome giveaway!

  17. I love warm, soft, unsalted pretzels dipped in mustard….hard pretzels dipped in homemade sweet hot mustard. Thanks four the post.

  18. I love all kinds of pretzels, but the soft ones bring back the best memories. I love them with nacho chili cheese dip..mmmm. Although, cinnamon soft pretzels dipped in a glaze are sounding pretty good right about now. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  19. YUMMMY! Any pretzel is great, but a soft pretzel with grainy, spicy mustard is the best!

  20. Soft & warm with butter & salt:-)) PLEEZE!!

  21. I love rods, Bachman, preferably. But I lurvs me some pretzels! Haven’t had s soft, large pretzel in the city in ages, but if I did, half plain, half mustard. Best of both!

  22. Soft pretzels with cheese! Yum.

  23. I LOVE soft pretzels! With warm cream cheese, nacho cheese, or mustard! Or cinnamon sugar! Oh, I LOVE Soft pretzels! They are especially yummy when prepared with little chunks of jalapeno in them and then dipped in warm cream cheese!!!!!

  24. mmm…..hate to break it to you, but the Martins are not Amish, they’re Mennonite :) I also live in Lanc. Co. and I know the 2 are often confused. But anyway, their pretzels are yummy and thanks for the giveaway!! ( love pretzels and ice cream )

  25. Gosh, I thought I was happy with store-bought pretzels, but now I’m yearning to taste the “real thing”!!! My dad ALWAYS ate pretzels with a nice chunk of aged Cheddar, so that’s what I do! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  26. I love soft pretzels!! Hard pretzels are great too, though. I’ve always loved soft pretzels with jalapenos and cheese!

  27. Yum! I like my pretzels soft, warm and with mustard! BUT, i would like to try your fav too :-)

  28. I love a good pretzel. I may have to order myself!!

  29. I like my pretzels soft, salty & with a lot of cheese! :)

  30. I like short, hard stick-style pretzels plain…plus I love warm, soft ones with warm gooey cheese like they sell at concessions stands. Thanks for the chance to win! They look great!

  31. I like soft pretzels with no salt. That is my treat when we go to MU football games in the fall!! <3

  32. I actually LOVE Martin’s pretzels!! I really love any type of pretzel but my favorite are warm, salted soft pretzels. A little cheese or mustard is always good, but if it is a good pretzel it should taste delicious just plain.

  33. I loooovvvveeee soft pretzels with salt and mustard!!! YUM

  34. My favorite pretzels are sourdough (hard) and a homemade recipe that I found a few months ago (called “Mall Pretzels”) that are soft. I hadn’t heard of Martin’s before but I’m going to check them out right after I post this. Thanks for the info and thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Soft with mustard!

    –you and Martin convincing me to SEE THE LIGHT . I have tried and tried to like hard pretzels as snacks (as opposed to ooey, gooey, more fattening ones). But all I do is buy>toss>buy>toss…. My hips, pocketbook, and I would appreciate it if you choose me to win!

  37. i LOVE soft pretzels. my favorite way to eat them is warm, plain with no salt and a little nacho cheese to dip them in. soft pretzels are absolutely the best!!! thanks for the chance!

  38. I like hard or soft pretzels with mustard, cream chesse, or cheddar spread.

  39. I like to dip them in cheese or mustard! Yum. Thanks, [email protected]

  40. We have to travel 20 miles to the nearest (and only) pretzel vendor (Auntie Annes booth in the mall). Their soft salted pretzels with cheese and their soft warm cinnamon pretzels are great. I never knew that pretzels could be ordered from the Amish. I bet they taste great. This could be the beginning of a very dangerous obsession.

  41. I haven’t found a pretzel yet that I didn’t like, but I must say, there is a Auntie Annie’s at our mall and OMG they make a mean Almond Pretzel … I get one every time I go!

  42. I love pretzels too. But I like them soft, lightly salted, and hot. I start out eating a pretzel with cheese but eventually change to just eating it by itself.
    The only hard pretzels I eat are the small honey mustard ones.

  43. Yvonne Thompson Davis

    My 7 year old son is the Pretzel “King”. He eats them with EVERYTHING and if given a choice would eat the with breakfast, lunch and dinner and all snacks in between. He has tried them with peanut butter, mustard, baked beans, ………let me think what else. I don’t believe he has ever had a “REAL” pretzel, as we live out of town I have never made them myself. Thank you for the tip on a GOOD Pretzel find!

  44. I too am a pretzel snob. And a french fry snob, lol. I like my pretzels anyway I can get them but especially with a sweet, spicy honey mustard dip. Love your blog! Sheryl

  45. I LOVE all pretzels! Soft and fresh from the oven to crunchy knots, snaps, rods and sticks. Pretzels are a staple in our family. I’ll give these a try. =)

  46. Akron is right up the road from me. Literally less than 10 minutes. Are we sure do have the best pretzels around!

  47. I remember going to Amish country as a teen…they DO make great pretzels! Great with brown mustard!

  48. Soft or hard plain, with salt…. heavenly yums… :o)

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