My womb to tomb friend Melissa is married to a super fabulous guy. They are high school, and college sweethearts…and married now for 13 years with three precious little girls (precious and quite hilarious). They lived in Fayetteville when they first got married. Stuart was in the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. He was a army ranger. I don’t know all the details…but let’s just say he is sort of a bad-a$$ when it comes to all this military stuff.
They moved back home to Philadelphia close to the time they were having their first baby. It was an exciting time, new baby, new house…back by family. Melissa was so excited to be close to home. They got a call–he was selected to go to Kosovo when their baby…was still just a baby. I can’t remember exactly how old she was…but not much. I remember crying on the phone…”but he will miss this, and this and this…” It was really hard to accept all the things he would not be there for…a whole year of special things he would miss.
I flew to Philly the weekend he was leaving town. I remember going to dinner; Stu ordered a 24 oz ribeye…and a beer. We chatted about how quick the time would pass, knowing that it would be the longest year ever.
We went to the ceremony…he was leaving. I took Abby out to the car so Mel and Stu could say goodbye. I remember Abby crying…and I was crying along too.
The ultimate sacrifice. To fight for your country. To leave your loved ones. I am forever indebted to all of you who serve.
Happy Veteran’s Day!!!

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  1. love this post. my hubs is actually in afgh at the moment and believe it or not, we are stationed in fayetteville. so you can see why i love this post.

    thanks for sharing the support. us military peeps need friends like you.

    i know how much your friend must appreciate you.

    thanks again.

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