Went to drop some used clothes off to Goodwill…leaving just a few minutes extra of course to take a look inside to see what treasures I may find….
Came home with these….plate was .50 and the brass pedestal was $2.29. Out of my pocket $2.79 (I told you I am reallllly good at math–so don’t be jealous and all…yes, I did use a calculator, please stop laughing… ;)

So I got out my pliers and I took off the candle prick thingy (no clue what that is called). Most of the time these are screwed into the top of the pedestal and you can just unscrew them. If not, try snapping it off with some pliers.
Got out some grey primer and black satin spray paint.
I sprayed the pedestal with the primer and let it dry….doesn’t it already look better??? What was the fascination with brass in the late 80’s….what was it I ask????
I took the plate and washed it. Got out a dry eraser–black marker. Yes—it will erase off of the plate. And you can reuse it and reuse it. Perfect for telling guest what kind of cheese is on the plate right?!?!
If you can’t find a plain white plate at a thrift store—you can usually find one at Target or Walmart.
When the primer dried I put a coat of the Black Satin spray paint on. Let dry…then another coat.
After the paint dried I placed a few dabs of Liquid nails on the pedestal.
Ready for a party!!!
I put the plate on top and let it dry. Do you love it??? I do too!!! I will be using this at my Thanksgiving table this year!! Go out and find yourself a old, tossed out pedestal and plate and make one too!!!
Be Inspired to be Clever ;)

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  1. Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors

    Such a great idea to use the dry erase marker! Actually this would be good on any kind of white platter. Consider this idea copied!

  2. What a cute idea! It looks great! I love your idea with the marker. That's so creative : )

  3. oh I love it!!! So stinking cute and CHEAP!

  4. Great idea. I plan on trying it.

  5. Black and White {Side by Side}

    Cute & cute!!! I love the final result! Great idea!

  6. Thanks so much girls ;)

  7. Michelle @ Dream Home DIY

    This is simply perfect!! I just love how creative you are :0)

  8. SUPER cute! That candle holder had a great shape on the bottom. And I had NO idea that you could use dry erase markers on a plate. Clever, clever!
    I have been wanting to make some of these stands but just haven't found a good plate that I may want to use.

  9. Consider me inspired!

  10. love it!!!

    smart girl.

    funny, i have a post coming up with a slight focus of cheese, fruit & breads coming up. lately, that's all my husband & i want to have during "down time" is a cheese & fruit platter.

    you better link this up to some link parties…this is a great idea!

    have a super day.

  11. Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

    Love, love, love this!!

  12. No really, how the heck did you look at these two items and say, Cheese Plate? I am so freakin jealous. I have no vision, thanks for having this blog to inspire the uninspired!

  13. Pati @ A Crafty Escape

    Love the marker idea!

  14. Love this. Great tutorial too.

  15. Kat - cardinalhouse

    I love this..it could work for treats too. Here's my only "cool, but…" moment: make sure the food [cheese or otherwise] doesn't come in contact with the writing though.
    Very nift idea!

  16. I think this looks awesome. The satin black was perfect for the base. I love good thrift store finds.

  17. Oh, we eat our share of stinky cheeses around here, so this is a wonderful idea! Thanks for inviting me over, keep up the excellent work!

  18. Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky

    Very cute and clever! Going to try it…thanks!

  19. Margaret@MissAdventures of Susie Homemaker

    I Love this idea. I'm a huge cheese fan!

  20. Hi ..

    I love your beautiful cheese dish!!! TFI
    Enjoy the rest of your week:)

  21. Leah {Living Life Crafty}


  22. That is just too clever! Love it and can use it since we just joined a wine tasting club. Score one for my idea book—THANKS!

  23. So I went back and looked at some more things on your blog. You are definitely worth Following–maybe even stalking–too darn clever. It was the wine bottle border that sealed the deal–I have a box full in the garage and had been wondering what to do with these.

  24. looove!

  25. So clever! Especially the dry-erase marker! :)

  26. Infarrantly Creative

    Luuuuv Goodwill. thanks for sharing this with me. I love how you wrote on the plate. Very clever

  27. Oh my goodness! You are too clever! I never would have looked at those two and said "hmm, that would make a great cheese plate!" but it works! It looks like you got it from pottery barn or something….really great job!


  28. I {LOVE} this! Not I want to go to the thrift store right now so I can make my own!!!

  29. Found you through Craft-o-maniac….what a simple yet awesome idea! Thanks for sharing this!


  30. awesome idea!! can't wait to try it! found you through oopsey daisy :)

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    Love it girl! I love the idea of dry erase, you are genius!!

    love your guts

  33. Ooooo I love this idea with the dry erase marker. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

  34. Love it…..I made a cake plate using a large coffee cup turned upside down and a matching plate. They look really nice.

  35. Wow!!!! This is awesome. I need to go thrifting like tomorrow :)

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