Double Chocolate Marshmallow Cookie recipe


I found these pictures back in the depths of my picture file. I then found out that I never shared this recipe with you. It is from Christmas time. Shall we sing jingle bells? Ok, you start…. I figure instead of sitting on the pictures until this coming Christmas…I would just share it now. Mkay? Geter done people:) By the way, these taste … [Read more...]

No flour Chewy Chocolate Cookie Recipe (gluten free cookie recipes)


      A flourless cookie. In my mind, it was already no good. But…I had some eggs that needed to be used….and not much flour in the house…so I tried this recipe. Holy Cow are these good! Sort of like a brownie…but chewy and tender and just flat out yum….with a glass of milk…oh yeah…yum. Also, these cookies are gluten free….we … [Read more...]