Isn’t it funny

We are always looking for the next “big change”…when they will eat solids, or turn over, or crawl or walk or talk.

(kids first day of Kindergarten)

We are always looking ahead…and even a bit envious…when another says “well he/she was an early walker…” Is it better to be early? People say it is…but really in the big scheme of life…when someone is 90…are they better off because they crawled right at the age they were supposed to?
We are always concentrating on getting our child to the next step.
When really, we should be concentrating on what is happening right now.
Because it seems when they finally get there…and accomplish that  next “big thing” –we sit back and say “Wow, I can’t believe they are already doing THAT! When did the time pass?”
I have always tried to live in the moment…to not miss it…to be happy and proud…of every moment–early or late or right on time.  Having twins…and knowing that you will experience all these things just once…makes you stop often–and take it all in. Soak it in I say…every chance you get….

(last day of 5th grade….and we are off to middle school…)


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2 thoughts on “Isn’t it funny

  1. Flannery @ Three Sisterz

    I totally know what you mean. I have had a hard time, wondering what I will "look forward to" now that I'm fairly certain we're through the baby making phase. You know, if you are not thinking about and looking forward to a new baby, what next steps will get you excited? But, I have to say my brain has come around to the other next steps like Eleanor entering Kindergarten in the fall ANd with our recent move to Chicago, just enjoying every day experiencing new things. Great post, Tracie!

  2. Molly Hammond

    this post came on coleman's first birthday…a great reminder as i look back on an amazing year!

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