How to build a shelf in a nook space

I realized the other day when I was trying to get rid of some pictures on my computer that I never shared with you this simple woodworking project that we did in Emily’s room this past summer. She has a small little nook in her room that we weren’t really sure what we would do with it. Originally we thought that a dresser may fit well in this space but the window frame is a little too close and does not allow much room especially if you have to open a drawer. So what we thought we would do is build a small floating shelf to have a little makeup area.  It’s nice because it’s right next to the window so it provides some natural light. Pretty easy project and a great use of a odd little nook area.

how to build a shelf in a nook space @cleverlyinspired (3)

(color on the walls in her room is Ballet Slippers by Valspar. We used rustoleum Weathered Grey stain for the shelf.)

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DIY Instagram Photo Prop free download

Hey yall! Soooooo we SOLD the lakehouse! We went back and forth a couple of time with our buyers and the deal was good enough to settle. They are a cash buyer—a young family ready to make some fun updates to the house and make it their own. We hope to close this month so I will be going down there to gather the rest of our things. It is bitter sweet…but I would say more sweet than bitter. We are thrilled that another family will start to enjoy this house and the lake—while we start to concentrate a bit more on making the beach house fit our family better. All good things:)

instagram prop

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5 for the road: full circle

You all know…at least my long time readers do…that I grew up projecting with my dad every weekend. He traveled a lot during the week because his job required it….so weekends were precious to him. We would tackle my mom’s “honey do” list together….I learned how to use a drill, a hammer, paint a piece of trim…install carpet…there was no job too small for us. Back in the day…Bob Vila’s “This Old House” was a huge TV hit. He was really the pioneer of the DIY revolution. Even in high school I loved watching him and his team fix things on old houses. So you can imagine my excitement when a member of his PR team from Bob Vila website contacted me and asked me if they could feature my DIY light from back in August of 2012! #thankyoupinterest YES!! So…throughout February you can vote once per day for my DIY industrial light…I need your help—there is some stiff competition (I’m currently in 3rd place!)


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Birch Lane Durham Sofas: they arrived!

The sofas are here! The sofas are here! That didn’t take long did it? I was so excited to receive the call that the sofas will be delivered on Monday between 12 and 4. They arrived promptly at 12:30. I wanted to share with you how they arrived and what I think of them so far. A few have you had commented about the deal that I got on them so I wanted to share our experience.  Now mind you, we have not had them in the house for more than a couple days but I wanted to share with you our overall all first impressions. Here is a few things that we have noticed…..


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Pizza Sticks with homemade dipping sauces

Hey yall! Happy Monday! Did you watch Grease Live last night? I thought it was actually pretty good….what about you? I liked at a lot better than the Sound of Music that was on Live TV last year. We are ready and waiting for our new sofas today! Cannot wait to share that with you later this week….Today…an idea for the big Super Bowl game coming up soon:)

Almost time for the big game! I was so disappointed my Packers did not make it to the big dance this year….however I do love me some Peyton Manning, so I am thrilled that he might get one more chance at Super Bowl greatness. We shall see :) Whoever you are cheering for, you might like to assemble an easy and tasty snack while watching the game. The first snack that came to my mind was pizza, and this time around I have switched things up a bit and turned it into pizza sticks for easy dunking! They are sure to be a hit with my two homemade dipping sauces I have paired with them. I made the jalapeño dip a day ahead and then finished the last touches right before snack time.
pizza sticks with spicy jalapeno sauce @cleverlyinspired (4)

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