DIY Reclaimed fence Christmas Sign


My love for this old wooden fence part has grown deeper my friends….I made this with it…and this…and now this Christmas sign! I only I had three pieces of my picket fence left over.Three projects for this little $6 fence part:)! I shared on Instagram last weekend when I was in the process in the garage. I absolutely adore how this sign came out….and look…it’s snowing in my family room:) Love picmonkey:)

True Value’s #DIYaHoliday Instagram Challenge has inspired me in many DIY ways. Follow @True Value on Instagram for more details on this awesome challenge happening NOW for a chance to win!


DIY Christmas sign reclaimed fence @cleverlyinspired (2)cv

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4 minute Holiday Curls: Video Tutorial

Hey hey hey….Gratitude week is here! I am busy prepping for all the goodies we will be serving up:) I am planning on taking the rest of the week off….but I may pop in again….depending on how the week goes. If I don’t talk to you again….have a blessed and cozy Thanksgiving:) I sure am thankful that you stop by here to see me every week. I thought I would share an easy holiday hair do with you today….get festive yall:)

Do you remember when you were younger and you had hours to just play with your hair in front of the mirror? It was kind of fun to think up of a different hairstyle and wear it like that for a few days. With the holidays approaching I thought that you might want a new hair style for some of your holiday parties & gatherings. If you are in a rut and have been wearing your hair the same way forever this might be a fun little challenge for you to try out for the holidays. I preface this….please be kind….A beauty blogger I am NOT!! soft curls @cleverlyinspired

A few of you were asking how I did my hair for our family pictures so I made a quick 4 minutes hair tutorial video so that I could show you how I do it.

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5 for the road: turkeys

Can you smell it?? It’s almost time to give THANKKKKSSSS!! I love this week ahead….it is really my favorite time of the year. My lil bro is coming home…and bringing his girlfriend who we are all very excited to meet….and then of course there’s turkey day prep…Macy’s parade….Christmas tree time….laying around in pj’s drinking a cup of joe…I love it all! I will be taking off next week for the most part to celebrate:) So just one post next week most likely….but I am positive I will be sharing on Instagram and such…

Don’t run out of gravy this year….make some of this and you will have plenty. Since we cook one bird in the oven and one on the smoker…I tend to not have as much drippings as I need for gravy….so I have been making this ahead…and then just adding whatever drippings I do have from the turkey on Thursday. easy-make-ahead-gravy-recipe-cleverlyinspired-1_thumb

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Hazelnut Christmas Ornament: Kids Holiday Craft

Who knew that you could have so much fun with nuts?? (yes, that was the first sentence that came to my mind…and you know that I type like I talk…so I had to go with it…) carry on…. My friends at Diamond Nuts challenged me this holiday season to share some fun crafts that feature their nuts. I made those super cute votive that I told you about last week….and this week I wanted to share a fun Thanksgiving craft to keep the kiddos busy:)

DIY ornament with Nuts @cleverlyinspired (4)cv

Just spread out the materials and let the kids make a few….grandparents love these!

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New Home ideas

Hey yall! Happy 38 frickin days before Christmas….oh my goodness….game on am I right?!?! We had a great weekend here…celebrated my friends 40th bday on Friday…and lots of lounging to recover on Saturday and Sunday. I did get to work yesterday a bit and started to decorate. I’m keepin it simple this year….and it’s looking real nice:) I’ll share a fun project with you this week that I made yesterday. I used the very last piece of my old fence part-–that little fence made 3 projects for my house! Never pass one up!

I have told you about the house that I worked on with Mark Simpson Builders a few times….And I wanted to share with you a few pictures of the completed home. It really turned beautiful. The newly married couple just moved in last week….and before the closing I popped in to take a few pictures. It is always fun to see new products…and even just reworking some products that have been around forever.

The exterior colors are Delicate White (PPG paint), Crazin Cranberry door (ppg), and Trim is Flagstone (ppg paint).

new home ideas @cleverlyinspired (27)

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