DIY Candy Art

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There used to be this Penny Candy Shop where my Grammie lived…. In the summertime she/my mom and dad would give us a dime and we would ride our bikes and fill up our little bags with 10 Swedish Fish. I’m sure it was her and my mom’s way of maybe getting us out of the house for a little bit. We love that shop. It was called Klem’s Penny Candy Shop in Avalon, New Jersey. I wish they still had stores like that that kids could go in and use a dime for a cheap thrill like 10 Swedish Fish.

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#homearamahouse15 Family Room

Hey there! How was your weekend? It was a scorcher here…thankfully I was inside this lovely air conditioned house most of the weekend. Thanks for stopping by to say hello:) Hard to believe that summer is more than half way over….we start up school again August 12th. I was hoping to get to the beach house again….seems that summer is so short!

I wanted to continue the tour today of Homearama house #15. I left off last week in foyer…and from that space you enter into the family room. We have heard the nicest compliments when folks enter this room…describing it as “warm, comfortable, livable and happy..” The first thing that will catch your eye is the massive white washed brick fireplace. We used the same technic that I used several years ago on my own brick fireplace. A watered down Pure White paint by Sherwin Williams is all we used…when it dried…the painter wire brushed some paint off to roughed it up more in spots. It turned out to be just the right texture of rough against our more “glam” lighting choices.

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Shrimp Lettuce Wrap Recipe

It’s gonna be hot….like 100 degrees hot…I don’t have an appetiate when it’s this hot—I suppose that makes up for craving baked goods when it’s snowing outside…am I right?!?! :) These shrimp lettuce wraps are just the ticket on a super hot evening. They are full of flavor and low on calorie…have as many as you want:) I served them with some cilantro rice and it was a nice summertime meal…pass the margarita mkay:)

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Unique Entry Foyer #homearamahouse15

I finally get to show you all the goodies I have been working on for the past year with builder Mark Simpson on this year’s house #15 at Homearama. I am using a hashtag so that you can easily search post that I have written or pics that I have shared of this home.

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The foyer in this home is unique for several reasons…one being that we actually have a foyer. Most homes in this neighborhood do away with a proper foyer to give more room to the family room. I love walking into a home and having a room to be greeted in…this foyer is so welcoming, unique and classy.

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Small Beach House Bathroom

Hey all! Hope your weekend was a success! Homearama opened up on Saturday to rave reviews. I cannot thank you enough for stopping by and saying hello! Meeting some “blog fans” in person was a hug thrill for me. I loved hearing your stories about your favorite post and your reviews of the home. Thank you for being so supportive! My hubs was the door greeter yesterday—he is a gem I tell you…a complete gem:) I will be out at the show house on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week….along with some hours during the weekend. I hope to see you at house #15 when you visit:)

small beach house bathroom @cleverlyinspired (2)

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