5 for the Road: meal plan

Hey yall! Are you enjoying this little series? It is funny….I’ll be driving along in my car and think….”That is a great thing to share on Friday 5 for the road…” Hope you are finding some of these little tid-bits useful:) If you have any to share…please let me know and I will pass them on!


I recently shared this pic on Facebook and folks loved the idea of it. Every Sunday I post our meals for the week. I love this for a few reasons….one, no one is asking me what we are eating…two, it takes one thing off my mind during the work week when things get crazy….and three, I know what to put on my grocery list—cutting down my time in the store. Win, win, win. Here is a post I did last year about some tips to getting dinner on the table….Get yourself a chalkboard…and get planning :)



meal plan


I love the CleanFonts App. It makes my phone text so much more enjoyable:) As odd as that sounds….it is free and on both Google play and Itunes.


Locals…there is the cutest shop on Frankfort that my new friend/client Cindi told me about. I have no clue what rock I have been living under….but now I know. Urban Farmhouse LLC on Frankfort. Super cute stuff!!


Today I turn 42. That is all I have to say about that;) Honestly…I’m not all that into birthdays….it is not that I don’t like them…I am just kind of indifferent. I will however make it my job to stop in Gigi’s cupcakes to get me some of that goodness;)


Since it is my bday….I thought I would give you all a gift. You can sign up all week to win Pioneer Woman’s latest cookbook that is coming out in Oct. along with a 5 qt cast iron Dutch Oven. You’re welcome;) Pass it on mkay?!?! (Email subscribers, you can enter on the blog or on my Facebook page…look for the Giveaway Tab)



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Happy weekend! If you have time….share one post that you have loved reading on CleverlyInspired. That would be a great bday present;)


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