#homearamahouse15 Master Suite

Hi yall! Hope you had a great weekend:) I celebrated turning 43…great dinner out at a local restaurant in our neighborhood called 502…it is fantastic! We also got to go get a ton of puppy kisses on Saturday! Chloe is almost ready to come home….we will go pick her up in 2 weeks. Cannot wait! Pop over on Facebook to see the pics I shared:)

I wanted to continue the Homearama house tour today. Seems like forever ago…but it was just last month that Homearama ended. I shared with you the foyer, family room and kitchen…so now we come to the master suite. This first floor master is stunning….let me show you around…

unique master bedroom #homearamahouse15 @cleverlyinspired (7)

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DIY wood wall headboard for $40 bucks

Y’all see Bad Moms movie? I went last night with my fellow bad moms….really funny movie. Lots of laughs and one liners…none of which I can remember today–let alone post here…but look it up on Youtube (after you are done watching today’s video of course:)

Dang… I’m kind of tired of the hot weather! This time of year… around my birthday (#43 on Sunday whoot whoot:)… I start wishing for sweaters and jeans and the crisp fall air. I know we’re probably in for about a month more of Summer…but I’m hoping it fall comes quickly.

I have been busy and my bub’s room this week….loving how it is coming together. To bring you up to speed check out the moodboard for this project for my Teen boy room.


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5 for the road: back in action

Been a busy week here! I had a few design appointments… started to work on the bubs “new” room annnnddd best of all ….found a cheap flight so flying to the beach tomorrow with my honey! We wanted to get one little last bite of summer before we brought Chloe home on September 9th. I have been busy nesting for the puppy and I’m so excited! Stella is going to be so excited to have a little sister. She told me….Yeah I probably been inhaling too much polyurethane. anywho…I cannot wait for puppy breath!!!Fullscreen capture 8182016 25525 PM

I made a really good chicken pot pie this week with a homemade cream of soup base that I’m excited to share with you next week. So easy and none of that canned sodium stuff….

I’m also going to put together a video on my wood wall “headboard” that I completed in about an hour!! I am so thrilled with how it turned out… best part about this headboard is it was paid for with the basketball wall hanging that I sold on Facebook so it was basically free. I love a good deal like that!

Fullscreen capture 8182016 30421 PM

My dad is going to build the floating side shelves for me….I am loving how his room is shaping up:) and so is he:)

I will be sharing a few new things at the beach house this weekend…so check in and see how the rec room space is shaping up.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Teen Boy Room Design Plan

Here’s the truth about the situation in my son’s room…seriously looks like the day we moved in. I literally have not touched this room and my goal this back-to-school season was too give him more of a bedroom that suits his personality and style. The convo went like this…”hey Con, mind if I update your room a bit?…” he’s all…”yes, that would be great…but no “vintage” stuff…you like the old stuff…I like new stuff…” Those were my only directions….I think I can handle that…

The room does not have a whole heck of a lot of space but plenty for him. My goal is to maximize the space and make it a little bit more efficient and put together. The good thing is that I don’t have to paint the walls:) I am going to have a painter come and paint the ceiling White. I do love the Navy but it totally sucks the light out of the room and with only one window, this room definitely lacks light. Here is what I am working with….

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10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm room

Hey yall! Back to school time in full swing here! Bubs started on Friday and peanut starts on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be the last day that I get up and drive my people to school—wow…hard to believe. They will be taking turns driving each other to school. Helps out that their schools are down the street from each other. It is weird though. When they get their license there is this whole new freedom—not just for them…but for me too. It is nice….but at the same time it is just one more milestone that comes and goes too quickly. They are gaining independence…and that is a good thing. I am happy for them….and just a little sad to see another chapter close—but 95% happy…only a tad sappy:) I keep repeating the mantra…I am here to help them be happy, independent people—and driving is just one more step to them living their own lives…and for that I feel very blessed and grateful.10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (11)

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