Shrimp Lettuce Wrap Recipe

It’s gonna be hot….like 100 degrees hot…I don’t have an appetiate when it’s this hot—I suppose that makes up for craving baked goods when it’s snowing outside…am I right?!?! :) These shrimp lettuce wraps are just the ticket on a super hot evening. They are full of flavor and low on calorie…have as many as you want:) I served them with some cilantro rice and it was a nice summertime meal…pass the margarita mkay:)

shrimp lettuce wrap recipe @cleverlyinspired (2)

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Unique Entry Foyer #homearamahouse15

I finally get to show you all the goodies I have been working on for the past year with builder Mark Simpson on this year’s house #15 at Homearama. I am using a hashtag so that you can easily search post that I have written or pics that I have shared of this home.

#homearamahouse15 @cleverlyinspired (11)

The foyer in this home is unique for several reasons…one being that we actually have a foyer. Most homes in this neighborhood do away with a proper foyer to give more room to the family room. I love walking into a home and having a room to be greeted in…this foyer is so welcoming, unique and classy.

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Small Beach House Bathroom

Hey all! Hope your weekend was a success! Homearama opened up on Saturday to rave reviews. I cannot thank you enough for stopping by and saying hello! Meeting some “blog fans” in person was a hug thrill for me. I loved hearing your stories about your favorite post and your reviews of the home. Thank you for being so supportive! My hubs was the door greeter yesterday—he is a gem I tell you…a complete gem:) I will be out at the show house on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week….along with some hours during the weekend. I hope to see you at house #15 when you visit:)

small beach house bathroom @cleverlyinspired (2)

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DIY Gaming Art

Homearama is officially here! Somebody wipe my brow;) I am happy with how it turned out….very proud of some of the features of this home. For the next few weeks I will be sharing with you some behind the scenes stuff along with all the pretty pictures. If you are coming to Homearama please stop by house #15 to see me this weekend!! My local photographer friend April Tobbe Photography was a gem and photographed the whole house! If you see the house in person, she also supplied some of my wall art—some gorgeous folks that she has photographed in the past.

DIY gaming art @cleverlyinspired

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10 Unique Ceiling Ideas

Hope your 4th was full of fun and fireworks. Our poor Stella girl was not a fan of all the booms and cracks in the sky all weekend.She’s thrilled that it’s over. Wrapping up Homearama house this week into next….we are on the home stretch! Hubs and I are sneaking away to the beach house for a bit first though. I need a bit of a get away;) The new beach bathroom is complete so I’ll be sharing pics of that real soon too:)

I walked the homearama house yesterday with my friend April who will be photographing the entire house so that I can share it all with you! I cannot wait to show you some of the unique features that we have put into this home.unique ceiling treatments @cleverlyinspired

(A little sneak peek at one ceiling that is a showstopper in our #homearamahouse15 home….I adore this entry space:)

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