5 for the road….

Hey hey…happy FriYay!!! Looking forward to a great weekend…hoping to get the outdoor furniture polished off a bit and enjoy some outdoor time. Love me some vitamin D!

The pups are getting used to one floor living….they see it as an open invitation any time to just come and sit outside our doors….just waiting for the next opportunity to get some love. Since my hubs wakes up at 5:30 everyday…the pups were hearing his alarm and then would proceed to sit outside our door and whine until he would open it. Me no likey…me no likey at all… #notamorningpersonATALL . So I researched some doggie gates and found this awesome tutorial at yellowbrickhome…forwarded to my dad and tada! Doggie gate…with class:) Now, the pups wait for Bill to wake up…and they are NOT waking me up:) winner…

dog gate @cleverlyinspired

Need a book? I am loving this author….this is the 2nd book I have read by her. I thought I would share in case you need a good spring break read…

Fullscreen capture 3222017 103255 AM

Just purchased about $340 worth of primer and paint for the beach house. We are excited to get started transforming the former storage shed into a rec room/ bunk room for extra beach guest.20160712_200631




My parents are going to be going down in late April to help us. My dad has used a paint sprayer before and so he will be priming and painting the ceiling and walls. So excited!!

Every morning I wake up at the beach….a live feed from Carolina Beach:) Check this out…I have been enjoying a late sunrise over the ocean….

Fullscreen capture 3242017 74010 AM

Printing out this list for the 3rd time….we have completed this list as a family at the dinner table when the kids were probably 8…and then again at 12 or so. It is a great conversation starter and allows them to learn some things about you too. The link on the post will allow you to print out your own set and keep it on the table….

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I made some of these sweet teacup bird feeders a few weeks ago. We were so excited when some birds started to use it and see it actually worked! It held up great in the cold…until it rained one night….and I found the saucer on the ground….insert really sad face here…boooo. I am going to try again with some white gorilla glue and test those results. I used E6000 the first time…apparently that is not water proof….I will let you know how the gorilla glue holds up:)cleverlyinspired teacup birdfeeder

Have a great weekend friends!


Settling in…

I heard from so many of you that you miss me on Facebook and I appreciate that so much! I just found a way to link up my Twitter and Facebook so that you guys can see some of the things that I’m chatting about on Twitter & Instagram:) Hopefully that works! Thanks so much for sticking with me and I’m so happy that you’re still enjoying some of my past post that I have been tweeting out.

#cleveronthemove (7)

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Outdoor Porch Lighting under $150

We are closing in on our closing day to be moving over to the ranch house that we bought. I know that some of you were so confused as to why we were moving again (cannot remember if I ever said anything about this actually…) We are really excited to move and have a little bit more yard room for the puppies while also being a lot closer to work and school. This sweet ranch house was built in 1965 and was completely remodeled this past summer. It reminds both hubs and I of our very first home (and still a favorite…)IMG_20170113_140352

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I’m backkkk…well, sort of….

I am not one for making “new year’s” resolutions….I kind of feel like if you want to change something you should just do it immediately and not wait for a new year to start. However, this year I did want to consciously make a change… in an effort to be conscious and present more….and be online a lot less….more specifically, Facebook. I notice that, while Facebook has a lot of good features, it also has many “time sucking” features. I found myself checking-in in the morning scrolling through my newsfeed…at times, things I saw would irritate me…or change my mood. Other times…. I just thought, gosh I’ve just wasted 30 minutes looking at recipes or stupid pet videos. I felt an imbalance…which started to affect my mood.I found myself thinking (and talking to Melissa about it too….) more often than not…”I need to ditch Facebook.”  Continue reading

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