Lakehouse at Barren River

Okay…first of all you guys kind of totally rock…You and your sweet words were the vitamins to my writer’s brain on Friday. Feeling kind of overwhelmed and underinspired..which I probably have said almost every July for the past 5 July’s… and a few of you left such sweet comments that really made my day! I think that the challenge with blogging for this long without much of a break is too continue to be a place that is inspiring. This comment….”casual, fresh and interesting…” it truly made my day…thank you again…It is the best kind of bonus! Keep the comments and suggestions coming:)

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My love of projects and photography along with writing is really what I was meant to do. There are some really fun new avenues to be connected with you all like Instagram, Facebook and my newest favorite periScope which is basically like if Youtube and Snapchat had a baby;) A live podcast that last for only 24 hours. It is really a fun way to get to know you guys better and to follow along your favorite bloggers and see them behind the scenes. It makes everybody come to life…. literally. I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon for a new app but I think that this Periscope app (which is an arm of the Twitter brand) will be here to stay. You can find me on there at @cleverlyinspire I shared a few this weekend….but I don’t think they are still on there now. You can be notified when I am Live:)barren river lakehouse for sale (3)


I have been asked recently about our lakehouse and I thought this might be a good time to give you an update of what is going on there. We did have some renters in our lake house that unfortunately had to move out to move closer to their family. So we were left once again with an empty lake house. We put it back on the market at the beginning of the summer and have had some interest….but no takers yet.


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It is a very specific buyer that we’re looking for. Even though the house is in a perfect location…it is very rural. It is a very private location which is one of the biggest reasons why we love it so much. It is a value too… we have come down on the price about $20,000!!

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If you know of anybody in northern Tennessee or Kentucky that is interested in a furnished lake house please forward this to them. We would love it to have somebody buy it who is going to take care of it and enjoy it as much as we did. I created a Youtube for you to share:)



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Here are a few past projects that we completed at the lake house that readers have enjoyed… (pics are tiny…vintage bloggin days:)




How to make an outdoor bar

Thrifty Finds at the Lake

Wine Bottle garden path

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