Holiday Playlist on the hippest stereo in town

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tivoli Audio for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My dad was in band when I was younger. He is a very talented bass guitarist and also knows how to play the drums quite well. My little brother is the only other person who is musically inclined. He also was in a band throughout much of his time in college. We had a room in our unfinished basement that housed a full drum set—and many afternoons I came home from school to drums and jam sessions in our basement. My little brother was basically self taught with some help from my dad–he performed at my cousins wedding when he was just 4 years old. He also performed at my wedding as a 5th grader….along with my dad. When you have family members who are musical…you get pretty used to having music on in your house….so when my friends at Tivoli Model One asked me to try out one of their uber sylish bluetooth stereos—I knew right where I would put it….the kitchen! This is thee coolest radio I have seen….check it out…What a perfect gift for the whole family:)


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Beer Bread Gift in a Jar

So….dang it’s hard to get out of pj’s after you’ve been in them for 5 days am I right?!?! Goodness we had a fabulously lazy Thanksgiving weekend. I love it when nothing is on the calendar and we can just chill….and chill we did. We decorated and baked and watched movies (A Gift Wrapped Christmas on Lifetime is a front runner right now for the sappiest and cutest Holiday movie…but of course time will tell..) Ahhhh….it was so much fun. Back to reality…sort of…hubs and I leave for the beach on Wednesday for a little R&R….excited to see the beach:)

You know I am a sucker for a good party favor….I have done several in the past. I like to switch it up a bit:) Found this easy recipe for beer bread and some cool local brew bottles….a crowd pleaser too with the men and ladies;) These would make great neighbor gifts too…for not much cash:) I even did all the hard work for you and made you a printable to print out and attach:) I’m so nice….

beer bread gift in jar @cleverlyinspired

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25 Acts of Kindness Advent Printable

Hey all! Y’all still eatin and nappin? We are…and lovin it:) Wanted to pop in to share this printable for you to whip up a meaningful Advent calendar this weekend. Just print out the list (may want to enlarge a bit to make cutting easier:)….cut up the tasks….and put in 25 little envelopes or bags. I just taped up some squares of giftwrap and put in a few little candies along with the act for the day. No need to number them….just put them in a bowl and let the kids open one each day (and don’t stress…if you want to save up the acts for a weekend do it!) Have a Christ filled Advent this year doing good the whole month long:)



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DIY Reclaimed fence Christmas Sign


My love for this old wooden fence part has grown deeper my friends….I made this with it…and this…and now this Christmas sign! I only I had three pieces of my picket fence left over.Three projects for this little $6 fence part:)! I shared on Instagram last weekend when I was in the process in the garage. I absolutely adore how this sign came out….and look…it’s snowing in my family room:) Love picmonkey:)

True Value’s #DIYaHoliday Instagram Challenge has inspired me in many DIY ways. Follow @True Value on Instagram for more details on this awesome challenge happening NOW for a chance to win!


DIY Christmas sign reclaimed fence @cleverlyinspired (2)cv

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4 minute Holiday Curls: Video Tutorial

Hey hey hey….Gratitude week is here! I am busy prepping for all the goodies we will be serving up:) I am planning on taking the rest of the week off….but I may pop in again….depending on how the week goes. If I don’t talk to you again….have a blessed and cozy Thanksgiving:) I sure am thankful that you stop by here to see me every week. I thought I would share an easy holiday hair do with you today….get festive yall:)

Do you remember when you were younger and you had hours to just play with your hair in front of the mirror? It was kind of fun to think up of a different hairstyle and wear it like that for a few days. With the holidays approaching I thought that you might want a new hair style for some of your holiday parties & gatherings. If you are in a rut and have been wearing your hair the same way forever this might be a fun little challenge for you to try out for the holidays. I preface this….please be kind….A beauty blogger I am NOT!! soft curls @cleverlyinspired

A few of you were asking how I did my hair for our family pictures so I made a quick 4 minutes hair tutorial video so that I could show you how I do it.

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