5 for the road: teen driving

Sooooooo I’m turning 6. Well, CleverlyInspired that is. Excited to reveal a shiny and new palette here on the blog. Click over and see and tell me what you think. Simple, clean, modern, and hopefully easy to navigate. Tell me if I forgot something ok??!?! The menus at the way top are paired down but every single category is listed on the right side….I did put one labeled “Our Home Photos” that I will try my darndest to keep up to date:) I would lovvvveee your feedback….


I have been reading up on these apps that I saw a news story on a while back. They are designed to help young drivers (actually should be used by ALL drivers) to keep their eyes and ears on the road and NOT on their phone. App is called Safe Driver ( I believe it is on both IPhone and Android,on Android the one I have been using is called Safe Driving text machine…although my phone had been acting screwy so I may need to look for another.) It basically detects when the driver is going over 10 mph and will automatically text a return message “driving, cannot text right now” or something that you tell it to reply. The app has a Pro version for $5 a month that will also report the drivers speed and whereabouts. Our kiddos turn 16 in January….so I am doing all the research I can.

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How to Unclog a Toilet (video)

Hey yall! I am in the middle of a little site update….wanted to change the look up a bit. Things may look a little wonky for a few days while I reconfigure. Let me know what you think….trying to make it a bit clearer and easier to navigate. Would love to hear your thoughts….

This is a conversation that is really fairly dirty. If you don’t have toilet clogging issues….you may just want to move on and enjoy your day….otherwise…stick around because I’m about to save you millions in plumbing cost (ok, close…) And to be quite honest I’m really not even sure it fits with the mission of my blog. It is really not clever nor is it inspiring….but like I said…. it has saved me oodles and oodles and oodles of money in plumber cost so I wanted to share it with you….how to unclog a toilet @cleverlyinspired

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Toasted Almond & Vanilla Arancini

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Breyers for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey yall! Hope you had a great weekend:) It was a low key birthday celebration here…which was fine by me. I did a fun Sunday project yesterday with some fabric that turned out so great….I will share it with you soon. Today….a fun Labor Day picnic treat that I made along with my friends at Breyer’s….enjoy!!

When my friends at  Breyer’s wanted to send me some free ice cream and asked me to do a post for them about their Natural Vanilla ice cream…. I jumped at the chance! It is a favorite product in our house because it pleases everybody. You can add chocolate chips to it or sprinkle it with marshmallows or put some caramel on it or just have it plain jane. It is the crowd favorite! I wanted to share with you a recipe that is on the Breyer’s website that would be fun to do for a crowd.  toasted almond and vanilla arancini

toasted nuts ice cream ball dessert @cleverlyinspired (4)revised

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5 for the Road: meal plan

Hey yall! Are you enjoying this little series? It is funny….I’ll be driving along in my car and think….”That is a great thing to share on Friday 5 for the road…” Hope you are finding some of these little tid-bits useful:) If you have any to share…please let me know and I will pass them on!


I recently shared this pic on Facebook and folks loved the idea of it. Every Sunday I post our meals for the week. I love this for a few reasons….one, no one is asking me what we are eating…two, it takes one thing off my mind during the work week when things get crazy….and three, I know what to put on my grocery list—cutting down my time in the store. Win, win, win. Here is a post I did last year about some tips to getting dinner on the table….Get yourself a chalkboard…and get planning :)

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3 ingredient Crusty Bread Recipe

This past weekend I posted a pic of some bread that I had just finished baking. It was so stupid crazy easy that I have to share. Your family and friends will be in awe of your wicked bread master skill….for reals…

After trying a few other bread recipes I really searched high and low for one that would produce a nice light and airy bread very similar to a good sourdough bread. The recipes that I had tried in the past have come out a bit dense..like a sandwich bread. And really what I wanted was something with a lot of air pockets and a little bit of a bite. This recipe produced both of those qualities. I think that the key to this recipe is time, yeast, and patience…and  a super hot cast iron pot.  I would suggest if you’re making it for the first time or you haven’t really experimented with bread making to do it on a weekend where you might have a little bit more time and want to experiment a little bit.

3 ingredient crusty bread recipe @cleverlyinspired (4)

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