This all started with a .25 bag of cool nails from Restore (the Habitat for Humanity store). My thought was to use them for some string art. Wasn’t that popular in the 70’s? Isn’t it funny how everything comes back around. String art….back en vogue…who knew right?!?! My version is a bit more rustic(at least it turned out that way). I used items that I already had on hand…the fabric, wood and paint. So really this artwork cost just .25! Take that DiVinci! Sorry, didn’t need to get so in-your-face about the whole thing….ok…moving on….here is how we make….

The fabric kind of dictated what I did….making the state of Kentucky….get it..UK blue and white gingham….But you can make any shape your little heart desires. I encourage you to go nuts with it! Any shape that is simple and fairly geometric will be fabulous…:) States are so en vogue now too….let’s see how many times I can use the word vogue shall we….
Get yourself a piece of scrap wood. Any will do…I used a piece of pine that was covered with  about 3 sheets of dog fur from my garage. Keepin it real peeps….I cleaned off the wood good, thought about vacuuming the garage…dismissed that urge and went on with my project. I have priorities. Coffee and crafts….not necessarily in that order. (only one coffee a day is all I need, some of you were asking…that is the answer ;) Vacuuming dog hair in the garage is pretty low on that list. Sorry, side tracked…moving on…
Take a shape and trace it. Nail your fabulous cool nails in. Mine are about 1 inch apart. I totally eyeballed it…and you should too. It’s homemade and it makes it unique.
I sprayed mine twice with white paint. I wanted the fabric to pop a bit. Feel free to not paint….I’m not going to tell Santa on you or anything.
I torn up my fabric into long strips. I did not use scissors….I’m kind of a rebel like that. Livin on the edge. Then I tied all those strips together. I tied the first one onto the first nail. Then weave in and out….wrapping around the nails as you go…

Come back to the first nail and tie off. Easy!!!
A great gift…am I right or am I right?!! I have the perfect person to give this too ;)
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