I shared this last week over at CSI….and in case you missed it…here it is. Super cute and easy fall art!

Sometimes I find that the fall decorations tend to be too country for my taste. I was on a mission to create a pumpkin decoration that was more streamlined. I was inspired by…

and this…
oh so lovely….
 This is what I came up with…

All you need is a blank canvas, Krylon Pumpkin spray paint, finishing tacks (36), ribbon for the edge (optional), and a favorite fabric. I think the grey and orange color combo is so lovely. It is hip, cool and fun at the same time!

I sprayed a light coat of paint on. Let that dry and did another. I wanted an even coat of paint…but not gloppy (is that a word?!?!)
 Then I traced a rough pumpkin design with white chalk and I cut it out with pinking shears. My pumpkin was 10inches by about 11.5. But make it whatever you would like!

I glued the ribbon on the edge of the canvas when the paint was dry. Be sure to not over glue—you will make the glue bleed through the ribbon. I just place a small dot on the corners and center. Then glue on the pumpkin in the center. Again…don’t over glue—just enough to hold the pumpkin.

 You are ready to hammer in the tacks when the paint is dry.
Make yourself a Modern Pumpkin today :)
And I would love for you to stop by and see me

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  1. LOVE!! I'm totally pinning this :) And doing this myself!

  2. Michelle @ Dream Home DIY

    Perfect NON country pumpkin art! I think you acheived what you were after excatly and it looks amazing :)

  3. What a great idea! And it DOES look modern and classy while still being seasonal. Very cool. (want to send me one? =)


  4. Love, love, love!!! Very contemporary. And if gloppy isn't a real word then it should be!!!! lol xxx

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