First day of School

As most of you know, my kiddos started the 6th grade this week. Bitter sweet. So happy to see them enjoy school and get back to a routine….but amazed that my little babies are in middle school already. Back when they were in Kindergarten I took their picture in front of a baby tree we had planted that summer. I wasn’t really thinking at the time…that the tree would be growing along with them…and how cool would that be to look back on someday. No, I cannot take the credit for that much forward thinking! But I am so glad I did that way back then…because now I have pictures that show them growing up right along with the tree.
I am sure there is some cool analogy I could interject here…about life and growing up…and making good roots…so that your are stable…yadayada…instead I will just share my pictures…cause that’s how I roll….

Hope your school year gets off to a great start!
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  1. Three Sisterz says:

    so sweet! what a great tradition that can last for a long time! they are cuties! enjoy your quiet time!

  2. Sonia Rumzi says:

    Beautiful! I am overwhelmed. Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it this morning! I am blessed.

  3. WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie says:

    Awesome! Even though it was planned, it is fabulous! Love how your roll. That's Authentic Style all the way! :) Thanks for linking up at WWC.

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