I am so thankful to have so many gracious and kind readers…wow over 700 of you tune in everyday…thanks yall..So I thought I would have another book giveaway. Seems you like to read just as much as me ;)

So sign up to win Martha’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric crafts!! Yet another book I would love…but do not have ;)

So many projects…so little time ;)

Encyclopedic in scope, the book features two main parts to help you brush up on the basics and take your skills to a new level. First, the Techniques section guides readers through Sewing, Appliqué, Embroidery, Quilting, Dyeing, and Printing. Following that, the Projects A to Z section features more than 150 clever ideas (including many no-sew projects), all illustrated and explained with the clear, detailed instructions that have become a signature of Martha Stewart’s magazines, books, and television shows.

An enclosed CD includes full-size clothing patterns as well as templates that can be easily produced on a home printer. Fabric, thread, and tool glossaries identify the properties, workability, and best uses of common sewing materials. And, perhaps best of all, when you need it most, Martha and her talented team of crafts editors offer you the reassurance that you really can make it yourself.

The projects are as delightful as they are imaginative, and include classic Roman shades, hand-drawn stuffed animals, an easy upholstered blanket chest, a quilted crib bumper, French knot-embellished pillowcases and sheets, and Japanese-embroidered table linens, among many others.With gorgeous color photographs as well as expert instruction, this handy guide will surely encourage beginners and keep sewers and crafters of all experience levels wonderfully busy for many years to come.

To enter:
Tell me your most favorite thing about summer!

For another entry tell me you shared this on Facebook or twitter.

Good Luck! And thanks again for reading my little blog—you totally rock! Giveaway ends April 30 !


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Tracie Stoll is a wife, mom and has a passion for creating new things. On her blog Cleverlyinspired.com she is constantly sharing ways to inspire her readers to be clever in their own home. Since 2010 Tracie has been sharing DIY projects, crafting, remodeling and decorating along with some easy tasty recipes...all on a mindful budget. She is a graduate of the University of Dayton where she studied visual art and communications. Tracie has been featured on popular sites such as Country Living, CNN living, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Seventeen and Design Sponge. She is also a member of the True Value Blog Squad & Martha's Circle of trusted bloggers.

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  1. I love long lazy days at the beach, bonfires, and fireflies! Oh, and street carnivals and flip flops!

  2. I shared on Facebook!

  3. My favorite thing about summer is going camping! I can't wait for it to warm up here in MT so we can go.
    Thanks for the chance to win Martha's book.

  4. There isn't anything that I don't like about summer (except high humidity) I love being able to go outside without layers of warm clothes, I love sandals, open windows, breezes, sunshine, birds, trees with leaves, flowers.

  5. Susan R. Rorrison

    My favorite thing about summer is the extra daylight, It is so easy to get into a pattern of get up go to work come home during the winter. The daylight is such a boost, mentally and physically, after the long winters here in Alaska.

  6. my noodle caboodle

    My favorite summertime activities involve playing in the backyard with my two kiddoes! We really, really love messy playtime! It must include bubbles, water, mud, dirt, chalk, paint, etc. The more soaked, spritzed, and sudzed we are, the happier we feel while basking in the warm summer sunshine!

    mynoodlecaboodle ymail com

  7. Just the Two of US

    My most favorite thing about summer is late night bonfires and grill outs. extra time with the princess!


  8. Barefoot, mindless walks through warm ocean puddles on the 28-mile Long Beach Peninsula and sprinkler games with my dogs. Summer, come!!

    Off to facebook you next!

  9. I love home grown tomatoes !!!

  10. Summer dresses!! Breezy and fun all in one outfit!

  11. I love taking walks with my kids, going to the beach down at the lake, and I love having ALL the windows open ALL the time!

  12. I also just posted on facebook! :)

  13. Favorite thing about summer is staying up late and sleeping in. The kids love it, too. :)

  14. My favorite thing about summer is having the kids home all day!

  15. Christina@pluffmuddstudio

    My favorite thing about summer is enjoying "mommy and me" days with my little Cate. :)

  16. Trica (Tree' - ka)

    My favorite thing about summer is my vegetable garden! Can't wait!

  17. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder

    My favorite thing about summer is the long days. I love (at least in places I have lived) when the evenings cool off and you can just sit on your porch and watch the kids running around.

  18. Kim @ keller-creative

    My favorite thing about summer is all the fresh fruits and vegetables! I also love being able to go to beach :)

  19. My favorite thing about the summer is all the summer barbecues. Family and friends coming together makes for some great memories. I am thinking this year's theme will be "Redneck BBQ"!

  20. My favorite thing about summer was having my kids home… Now it is seeing my grandchildren!

  21. My most favorite thing of summer is the SUN! I live in Maine and get so tired of 4:30 sunset in the winter. When summer comes and the SUN is out from the time I get up and stays out till well after supper – how priceless!

    I have my fingers crossed for Martha's book!

    Debbie Barker

  22. The long amount of daylight is my favorite thing about Summer.

  23. mojitos, cold beer, feet in the sand, sunset cruises on pops' boat, sundresses & flip flops!

  24. My favorite thing about summer is spending all day at the beach, then going back home to make little crafts with my friends. I think moments like that really make life wonderful~

    I also shared this on Facebook x3! Huzzah!

  25. Oh, wonderful, wonderful summers on Cape Cod.
    My favorite things are having a morning coffee on a misty beach, stopping by the farm stand for fresh lettuce, meeting my family at the Episcopal church for a lobster roll dinner, the fresh afternoon breeze that rolls up from the ocean each day…oh, I guess my favorite part of summer is just living here!

    Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway — it's an excellent book and a great resources for crafters.

  26. Sleeping in & having my kids & hubby home! (He's a teacher!)

  27. Cleat, Ida, Nelana and Camden

    My favorite thing about summer is lazy days by the pool with my two toddlers and drippy, yummy watermelon!


  28. I love working in the garden and going for walks with my kids.

  29. I LOVE playing outside with the kids, grilling out and fresh fruit!! :)

  30. Avalon :-) And Jersey corn, of course.

  31. We live walking distance to the beach and my favorite thing about Summer is watching my 3 year old Daughter run around and splash in the water at the beach. This will be my 1 year old Son's first trip! I can't wait!

  32. Butterflydawn(Perfectly Imperfect)

    My favorite thing about summer is our time at the beach. Theres something about laying on the beach listening to the waves crash that cannot be duplicated for stress relief. I am sharing on facebook as well

  33. I love that we get to spend more time playing outside with our kids, and warm sunny days on the beach!

  34. I love the Lazy days of Summer and Summer Vacation which is also a lazy time ;o)

  35. My most favorite thing about summer is the long, light and warmth filled days that allow for lots of time in the sun wearing less and doing more!

  36. Love that the days are so long so there's much more time to craft and create!

  37. Watching my kids play barefoot in the garden, whilst I sit in the sun and stitch.

  38. My favorite thing about summer is swimming at the neighborhood pool. It is at the top of a hill, so it is always nice and warm. :-D

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