In no particular order…I am giving thanks for many things this Thursday….here are just a few….

  1. Swedish fish. They are the perfect balance between cherry and strawberry, chewy and sticky, tart and sweet, you get my point.
  2. A washer that washes and a dryer that drys.
  3. A warm home that is surrounded by neighbors who are dear friends.
  4. A family who gets me…and still loves me anyway.
  5. Children who are funny, sweet, caring, kind, independent and healthy :)
  6. Coffee.
  7. Coffee. With a touch a mocha.
  8. Coffee with skim milk and a splash of vanilla.
  9. A hubby who is my very bestest friend, my biggest cheerleader, my love.
  10. Lifelong friends who are more like family; who in a 5 minute conversation can make a day go from blah to HA HA HA!

Last but certainly not least…thankful for all of you. My blogging friends….what a journey you have created for me and this little blog of mine. I cherish the time we spend here and I look forward to many more years creating and being inspired together. Thank you . And I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving :) Now go get ya some turkey peeps! Savour every bite:)

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