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Be inspired to be clever in your own home.

-Tracie Stoll Author/Creator


CleverlyInspired is a blog dedicated to inspiring others to be clever in their own life. Projects, cooking, decorating and remodeling…all on a budget. Since October 2010 , author Tracie Stoll has been speaking through captivating pictures and easy tutorials to give her readers a clear and crisp vision of what they can accomplish on their own.


Current Statistics

(as of Nov. 2012)

  • Monthly Page views: 213,000
  • Unique visitors: 66,918
  • Google PageRank: 3
  • Feed subscribers: 4,500
  • Total page views since Oct. 2010: 3,273,480
  • Total visitors: 790,773
  • Bounce rate: 28.59%

Other stats can be supplied if necessary. Numbers based on Google Analytics.

Social Media Numbers

  • Facebook readers: 3,026
  • Pinterest followers: 4,600
  • Twitter: 546

Advertising Opportunities

        • Sidebar Ad’s 150×150 3 month min. $50 per month
        • 350 square ads 3 month min. $175 per month

Please feel free to email CleverlyInspired for specific ad campaign needs.

Payment is accepted through PayPal or check.

Contact information:

Email: cleverlyinspired@gmail.com

Facebook: cleverlyinspired

Twitter: cleverlyinspire

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