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As you know, I love to create lovely comfortable spaces…on a budget. I am now offering this service to you my readers and friends. Are you searching for just what to do in a certain space in your house? If so, I may be able to help. Sometimes all it takes it a fresh pair of eyes. It is truly a passion for me to make a difference in a space that will make it more livable.

Here is how it works:

You set the price and you pay for what you need. Bottom line. Everything is a la carte. If you only need help picking a paint color…but you feel confident about accessories…then that is all you will pay for. Some services will only be available to local friends.

Complete design board and step by step plan to accomplish the look (includes mailed hard copy of board and paint colors) $75
Floor plan design (ideas on furniture layout) $45
Pick a Paint (includes 2 choices per room) $15
Shop for accessories $45/hour
Work with what you already have $45/hour

Here are some past examples of some design boards….







Design Services


  1. Maria Sison says:


    I saw your DIY on your floors. I was wondering what paint you used as I want to refinish my contractor grade floors, which I know can’t be sanded due it being engineered wood.

    I want to make it a darker wood grain. Can I use Minwax for floors over the existing and just place a polyurethane coat to save it from my huge Akita dog?


    • Hi there! I am not sure about applying a poly to engineered floors. Typically you need to sand a surface and re apply a poly otherwise the poly will just lay on the surface and not penetrate. I am wondering if you would be better off using a wood conditioner that may help to darken the floor.

  2. Hello Tracie!

    I stumbled upon your YouTube channel 5 weeks ago and I’m glad I did :) I have already pulled up the carpet from my stairs and refinished them the same way that you did yours. They turned out great! My next project will be painting my master bedroom floor. I’ve read your articles here and watched the video as well. I’m thinking about doing a checkerboard design on a diagonal. I’ve never painted an interior floor this way before. I know that you used Porter paint in a gloss sheen which looks great. However, my concern is with such a high sheen seeing lap marks. I know that you did small sections with a small hand held roller. My question is : why didn’t you paint most of the floor with a roller on an extension so that you could do it standing up and get it done faster? Also, is the Porter painted floor easy to clean? Thanks so much for your great blog! You’re truly an inspiration Traci!!

    • Hi there! I didn’t use a longer roller because I wanted the fine nap and also I wanted to work in smaller sections. I went from brush to roller often and I found it easier to work on the floor;) I used a steamer on the floor to clean it…very easy!

  3. Hello again Tracie,

    I just realized that you had answered my previous question. I didn’t get an email notification. Anyway, I notice here on your site that you offer a service on advice of furniture placement. I have a large family room and would like some advice on furniture arrangements for that room. I’ve had my couch, chairs, and tables in the same places for 4 years now and I’d like to change things but there are limitations with the room so I’m not sure what to do. If I buy the furniture placement service, how is information exchanged back and forth so that you have everything that you need to know about my room in order to advise me? I really do need a different perspective on my family room.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  4. Joy Feemster says:

    Hi Tracie – I was one of the lucky people who won a room redesign suggestion by you. I’ve never heard anything since you emailed me a number of months ago, I know you’ve been moving and busy. Just wondered if you still had the pics of my living room and were going to be able to advise me on how to re-do the room. Thanks a bunch! JOY

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