Wine Cork Keychains

Yesterday I revealed some of the Library makeover. So glad you all like it! It is a slow process of getting it all together and right—but the space is really being used now and we love that! Many of you commented to me about the art work….here is the post about how I made it….Large Art now onto a craft!

A recent order on my etsy page… some favors for a wedding in South Beach… lovely right?!?!
I have made these in my etsy shop for a couple years. They are great hostess gifts and favors! Materials are easy to find…and you can personalize them for any event.

You will need wine corks…(I have some really fun friends….where I get my very obnoxiously large supply of wine corks :) but you can also find supplies on etsy.

Also some keychain rings (Craft supply, in jewelry section)

Along with some screw eyes…

Put the screw eye on the keychain ring…(my fingernails only look this nice because Melissa and I went for a manicure last week…it has started to chip already urgh!)

Screw into end of cork…

Make labels to match the occasion!
I sell these in my etsy shop….if you want me to do it for you :)
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21 thoughts on “Wine Cork Keychains

  1. Choices

    Great craft idea for cork screws. I have been saving the cork screws from wine bottles, but I have found that most wine bottles now a days have plastic corks. I want to make a hot plate.

  2. Chris

    Love this idea! Now I know what I can do with all those corks I have in the drawer! lol Thanks for sharing.

  3. sugarswings

    what a great idea! I have a boat load of corks i have in a basket and have been needing an idea. Do you think some glue with the eye screw is needed at all? thanks for sharing this idea!!

  4. Warren

    I have a lot of corks I have been saving for years!! I always knew I would find something clever to do with them…thanks!!!!

  5. Kate R

    So lovely. My husband and I have always saved our corks ever sinc we met. I have made a couple cork boards but this is a wonderful way to remember dates and locations. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Bettina Groh

    I think these would make a great giveaway at shows! I always have wine corks (LOL) and the screw eyes and key rings wouldn’t be expensive! And I can print out a “GlassDragonBears” with my contact info tag. Thanks for the idea!!!

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