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Very busy day….

45 minutes to drink a Rootbeer float…
“vacation rocks mom”
indeed it does…
Have a great week! Thanks again for the sweet ladies filling in for me!
Will have lots to share next week!
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The paper is coming…

 A writer for the Courier Journal is coming today…to the house….to interview me….about my blog and such.
 I have been tiding up a bit….knowing that she was coming here. My house is not perfect….
but I wouldn’t want it to be, because I am not….
 (all items on counter came out of my lazy susan…obviously my susan isn’t that lazy…look at all this stuff!)
including this soup package…2006 called…they want their soup back…geez
 I know that she will see some things I have created…
and things I am working on

…and I love that I get to share that with my readers.
We will be doing a craft together…don’t worry…I will share it with you too :)
Be Inspired to be Clever ;)
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My very first friend….

I was his shadow for most of my childhood….I even followed him off to college….

Jodie is older than me by 18 months….he gave me a box full of swedish fish for my 7th birthday, he still refers to me as his baby sister, he was R2D2 for Halloween and I was Wonder Woman, he taught me what the 4 letter words were (but not to use them in conversation..most of the time…), road trips from Dayton to Atlantic City…pretty sure I was invited just to split gas money–but it was fun anyway!…these are the things I remember…
and he was my first friend

good for me—he is great friends with my hubby…they both love Nascar a bunch…along with UD flyer basketball

We all went to the Brad Paisley H2O tour this past weekend….what a complete blast!

My sister-in-law Kelly….(some people refer to her as a Saint….and I would agree :) she loves him and even puts up with his bad singing….as seen here belting out a song…

Two of my most favorite people in this world and I feel blessed to call them my family….and friends :)
Be Inspired to be Clever ;)
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Snow Day…..

We are on our 5th snow day (I think…) most likely no school tomorrow either.
I keep telling myself…someday…they will be off working and I will miss these lazy snow days…
Well–at least Emily will be working—Conner may still be at my window telling me knock knock jokes as I wash dishes…
So blessed, am I….
“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

Be Inspired to be Clever ;)
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