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10 Tips to make your Move easier & Homemade Cereal Bars to go

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Whenever somebody asked me where I’m from…. I have a big long answer. We moved a few times growing up which gave me the opportunity to experience a few different towns while I was young along with a few different schools. It definitely builds character and it definitely shows you who your true friends are when they can keep up with you through every move. I have lived in Philadelphia where my parents were actually born and raised and where much of my family still lives and then we move to Pittsburgh for about 3 years. A little town outside of Pittsburgh called Uniontown. And then my dad was offered a job outside of Milwaukee and a little town called Brookfield where I spent the remainder of 7th and 8th grade along with high school until I moved to Dayton, Ohio where I went to college. So my family and I know a thing or two about moving and how to do it efficiently. Not to mention that since I’ve lived in Louisville and started my own family we have moved into 4 different homes. You get to be pretty efficient if you’ve done it a few times so I wanted to share with you some of my moving tips that have helped in the past.
My friends at CORT Furniture Rental wanted me to share with you some tips along with some really great ideas for furniture if you have a temporary move ahead of you. If you may be moving somewhere that is not permanent….maybe you’ll be in a new town for 6 months to a year….they would love you to consider to rent furniture instead of schlepping everything you own across country. Less schlepping=awesomesauce.  Here are some of my moving tips that might help you out this summer if you’re planning a big move….Share your tips on this post to help others!!


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shhhh….glowing skin is basically free (removing peach fuzz)

Hey yall…Happy Monday:) Full steam ahead into the end of the school year…my kids only have about 24ish days of school left. Crazy to me! I must admit that I am looking forward to summer and a slower pace (hopefully.) I met with Ethan Allen last week at our showhouse for this year’s Homearama. I am really excited about working with them…this home will be a showcase for sure!

So today….I thought…let’s be frank…can we be frank? Do you have facial hair? I feel like the girth of hair that I once had on my eye lashes…has slowly made it’s way to transplanting itself on my chin and upper lip…just me? A few years back…I started noticing this…and I set out to find a good option for dealing with it. Here are my thoughts on this fun subject…..

I do this…do you? Have been for years….makes your skin literally glow—and it is basically free:) These single blade razors are all you need (bic also sells a thin single blade razor you can find in your drug store.)

glowing skin remove peach fuzz @cleverlyinspired

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when you hit 42…why I joined weight watchers….

I have never had to watch my weight…like ever. I was gifted a super fast metabolism….up until I hit about age 41. Mind you…I have always (at least for most of my adult life) enjoyed a variety of fruits and veggies and have eaten them consistency. But on the flip side of that I have always enjoyed a sweet treat too:) I never had to consider how much sweets I was eating because I rarely gained weight….just how I am made I guess….


(the string bean on the way right is vintage 1983ish me…#pinkandgreenforever…and yes that is a cow behind us. My Uncle owned a angus cattle farm in Maryland:)

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Darn it was hard to leave the beach….I think I’d be happy living there for half the year. We had great family time…the kids played tennis and got along so nicely. The weather was a blissful 70 degrees except for a couple of days. We all came back recharged…which is the best feeling. We discovered some great hiking trails at the Carolina Beach State Park…which is literally 3 minutes from our house. Hubs and I both felt silly that we hadn’t taken advantage of this spectacular park on previous trips. The trails are gorgeous…lovely marina to launch a boat…camping sites….little beach on the bay…it was so picturesque. Stella loved the hikes… carolina beach 2016 (2)

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