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Latest obsession: DIY $6 Gel Manicure (How to use ImPress Nails)

A beauty blogger, I am not….but I have to tell you how much I love this product. I heard about it from Mallory over at ClassyClutter. She showed on her instastory a few weeks back these nails that you press on, and they stay on, do not get marked up, look amazing for a week…and then you take them off. I was intrigued mainly because I am that person who gets a gel manicure, and then HATES to go back and get it taken off—so I try to do it myself, with the foil and the acetone, and waiting—and I end up crying and cursing all the things after about an hour or trying to take off the gel nail polish. Can. Not. Stand the gel. So, I wanted to try these Impress Nails, they are cheap, come in a ton of colors, no harsh gel light thing, no harmful chemicals and are SOOOOOOO easy to put on and take off. Since I project a lot, and my nails are constantly getting beaten up, I thought it was at least worth a try. I shared this on instagram a few weeks back—yall were intrigued too. I will say, that I didn’t find much info online about the best way to take them off. So I did put a little video together so that you can see how easy it is:) You can find these at most drug stores and Target etc….I have found the most color selection at CVS (in stores they are about $6)

$6 gel manicure Impress Nails

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almost here…

It’s here. Well, almost here. A few weeks from today, my kiddos will begin their Senior year of high school. As odd as it sounds, I vividly remember bringing them home from the hospital…and on that first night home…I laid in bed and thought “it starts right now, start to say goodbye…” Odd right? Two babies, in the thick of learning motherhood and everything that comes along with being a new mom…those were some of my initial thoughts. They will leave and go off to school…or out into this world, whatever they chose….but they will go together. Once and done. When we found out we were having a boy and girl…we knew this would be our only pregnancy (did I tell you that my Grandmother had 2 sets of twins?? ) We were both settled…our family was complete.

senior year listcv

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I’m backkkk…well, sort of….

I am not one for making “new year’s” resolutions….I kind of feel like if you want to change something you should just do it immediately and not wait for a new year to start. However, this year I did want to consciously make a change… in an effort to be conscious and present more….and be online a lot less….more specifically, Facebook. I notice that, while Facebook has a lot of good features, it also has many “time sucking” features. I found myself checking-in in the morning scrolling through my newsfeed…at times, things I saw would irritate me…or change my mood. Other times…. I just thought, gosh I’ve just wasted 30 minutes looking at recipes or stupid pet videos. I felt an imbalance…which started to affect my mood.I found myself thinking (and talking to Melissa about it too….) more often than not…”I need to ditch Facebook.”  Continue reading I’m backkkk…well, sort of….

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state of the blog….

Hey yall! Have I seemed preoccupied? I have been in a writing funk for sure….It is normal I suppose after a consecutive 7 years of blogging…too go through slumps and periods of disinterest. I think that blogging has changed so much in the past 3 years. There is some really great content out there…and then there is also some folks just repeating what has been out there for a long time. I find myself in a bit of a quandary….do I take a break or do I muddle through? My mission is to share clever ideas—ideas that you couldn’t find somewhere else—unique projects and recipes—and I still love doing those things and sharing them. Lately it seems I haven’t had any really fun ideas to share….my mojo is low! It happens…and I know something will spark me again…and I will want to share. When I started blogging in 2010, it was before pinterest, smartphones, Facebook was young, no instagram….Now it seems there are so many sources to gather inspirations—blogs are so old school. Now when you blog…you have to be diligent about sharing it everywhere just to be heard. One blog post takes about 3 hours beginning to end…photos, story, editing, sharing….it is a lot more work than most people think. I still love it….I just don’t have much to share right now. I hate to publish a post and think to myself “that post is kind of lame…” that is a sucky feeling. I always want to be respectful of your time. If I don’t feel like something is worth reading than it should never be published. So if it seems a bit quiet over here…just know that I will be here when something is interesting and worth sharing. I don’t want to ever just “post to get a post out”. I hope you understand and stick with me;)

In the meantime, if you are looking for inspiration…start with this post that started this little blog….My favorite DIY Art piece.

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5 for the road on a Tuesday

Well…I made it! What a month I have had with Homearama!! It was such a joy to meet those of you that came out and introduced yourselves and told me what a fan you are of my little bitty blog. I feel so ready to get back into the writer’s seat and start creating again.



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