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DIY Candy Art

diy candy art @cleverlyinspired (6)

There used to be this Penny Candy Shop where my Grammie lived…. In the summertime she/my mom and dad would give us a dime and we would ride our bikes and fill up our little bags with 10 Swedish Fish. I’m sure it was her and my mom’s way of maybe getting us out of the house for a little bit. We love that shop. It was called Klem’s Penny Candy Shop in Avalon, New Jersey. I wish they still had stores like that that kids could go in and use a dime for a cheap thrill like 10 Swedish Fish.

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How to sew a wrap bracelet

Well the sun finally came out and showed it’s face yesterday here in the Bluegrass….praise God! I hope it was pretty where you live. I’m hoping that we have finally ended the rainy season here in Kentucky. It really does start to affect your mood when every day it’s cold and rainy. I could never do Seattle.

The graduation festivities were so lovely this past weekend. Friday we celebrated two of our friend’s sons graduations and yesterday with my nephew’s (sorry if my apostrophes are wrong there…#aintnobodygottimeforthat;) The tables were a big hit…

graduation table @cleverlyinspired

…. and now all of those things will be used at other peoples parties in the coming weeks. It’s nice to just pass it on…. it’ll get used a bunch!

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DIY Instagram Photo Prop free download

Hey yall! Soooooo we SOLD the lakehouse! We went back and forth a couple of time with our buyers and the deal was good enough to settle. They are a cash buyer—a young family ready to make some fun updates to the house and make it their own. We hope to close this month so I will be going down there to gather the rest of our things. It is bitter sweet…but I would say more sweet than bitter. We are thrilled that another family will start to enjoy this house and the lake—while we start to concentrate a bit more on making the beach house fit our family better. All good things:)

instagram prop

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Update Unisex Kids Bathroom on a budget

Hey yall! I have been doing a bunch of design work lately….but haven’t had the chance to share any with you. I get a lot of questions about boy/girl bathrooms…so I thought I would pop in and share this idea today. The owners of this home actually have 3 boys…but I think this design would work for lots of families. Hope you find a few ideas to use in your home:)

boys bathroom

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Hazelnut Christmas Ornament: Kids Holiday Craft

Who knew that you could have so much fun with nuts?? (yes, that was the first sentence that came to my mind…and you know that I type like I talk…so I had to go with it…) carry on…. My friends at Diamond Nuts challenged me this holiday season to share some fun crafts that feature their nuts. I made those super cute votive that I told you about last week….and this week I wanted to share a fun Thanksgiving craft to keep the kiddos busy:)

DIY ornament with Nuts @cleverlyinspired (4)cv

Just spread out the materials and let the kids make a few….grandparents love these!

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